Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #156 - Hardware Stuff

This week's episode features Hardware discussion and component discussion for my new PC build. Have a great week and enjoy TCR!

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  1. 1. I have mixed feelings about what I'm about to write because I want to rip your wife a new one over her knowledge about AMD compared to Intel, but I also understand that not everyone knows the real difference and to why that difference is there in the first place. It stems from most humanoid shaped creatures not bothering to care about their hardware, as I had to bicker quite a bit when ignorant buyers wanted to build PCs on the cheap and sought my advice.

    1a: Intel has dominated the market because they illegality created a monopoly during the late 90s to early 2000s. AMD had to play catch-up ever since due to how crippled they were by the embargoes Intel made for distributors.

    1b: Intel patented the latest SSE4 instruction set to only work properly on their chips. AMD has full SSE 3 support, but spotty SSE4, so programs that require the latest instruction set are slower by 30-40% on average.

    1c: Intel also 'bribed' the major software companies to work slower on AMD chips. This was done with Adobe and several benchmark software to sway people into thinking AMD sucks. In both 1a and this point, Intel was successfully sued over these practices, so it isn't speculation.

    1d: The only honest comparison to AMD and Intel is AMD chips are hotter on average by about 6 degrees Celsius, certain SSE4 programs are slower on AMD, and popular artistic software is designed to be slower on AMD. Since you aren't making the next Toy Story 5 or whatever number they are at now, you don't need Intel processors. I'm only concerned with your GPU choice since that is the real factor with games. Bottle-necking isn't really a thing anymore with PCs, in regards to CPU. Your hard drive, RAM, and GPU have a much bigger impact and that has always been the case.

    Thanks for tolerating my noise because it triggered me hard when I hear Intel propaganda and especially if it might convince you to make an expensive decision over the other option that suits your needs. My current PC cost me a total of $430, $300 when it was made.

  2. To answer your questions:

    I don't really have any strong opinion about PodOmatic right now, I just sort of uploaded some episodes on there and didn't really explore the site's features, but have heard about it deep dicking you on the monthly storage. I do however prefer sharing their link over Archive.org's link, as it looks a lot less ghetto and comes with a little download arrow, plus........if I did it right, I think it helped me sync up my episodes with itunes. And I know how much those casuals love their god damn itunes.

    As far as what I do while listening to podcasts, it is usually just random stuff around the apartment, I don't know how broads use to clean dishes in the 1950's before podcasts. And of course during gaming, I've been playing Fallout 4 which is a trillion hours and while I love immersing myself in to the world, sometimes killing yet ANOTHER ghoul or ANOTHER raider is spiced up with a podcast as a sound track.

    I was also going to say you should just build your PC around the OUYA, but that is not a nice thing to say, so didn't.