Monday, July 25, 2016

The Next Round Podcast 16: Peaceful Flatuence Ignition

Alex and CF raise the Next Round banner high with a duo effort for our group meeting podcast. Kaiser was asleep from rocking too hard and Shawn was on vacation, so the figurative bros unite to talk about Pokemon Go, the Steam Roulette Games they were assigned to review, and some games they played during the 6 month break of TNR Podcast.

Ending music: Video Game Theory by Noah T

The Next Round Podcast 15: International City Extravaganza

Darabka, Alex, Retrokaiser, Critical Failure, and friend of the group Juvae, gather to talk about videogames and give their thoughts on the games they were assigned to review. Enjoy? (This was recorded the 9th of January this year, but was delayed due to me being annoyed at the many sound issues the recording had and finally got around to grunting through it.)

Ending song: Always Remember Me Intro Song Euro Remix