Monday, July 25, 2016

The Next Round Podcast 16: Peaceful Flatuence Ignition

Alex and CF raise the Next Round banner high with a duo effort for our group meeting podcast. Kaiser was asleep from rocking too hard and Shawn was on vacation, so the figurative bros unite to talk about Pokemon Go, the Steam Roulette Games they were assigned to review, and some games they played during the 6 month break of TNR Podcast.

Ending music: Video Game Theory by Noah T

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. Great episode guys. I enjoyed the Pokémon GO joke. I played it a bit even though I am not a fan of the franchise. The augmented reality aspect never worked and I agree it feels like a beta game. Swingle we wanted to play Orcs must die 2 but we never did, that was probably TomcatX. I think I got some games in the sale. Thanks for making a great show and keeping the dream alive. For doom!!!! 😁

    1. d'oh, you're right! You talked with me and Paul when me and him played Orcs Must Die 2. The record has been straightened! :)