Monday, April 8, 2013

Case File 07 (A Soldier's Legacy)

The Best at What They Do

Two of Marvel's most storied characters are Wolverine and Captain America. Not only are their own individual tales rich, but they share a great deal of common history. Both are survivors, masters of martial combat, and soldiers. Captain Steven Rogers and Corporal Logan are veterans of the greatest war in human history, the second world war. Each man has legacy in wake of their service. Sadly these legacies are separate and echo truth in reality.

This is sad because one legacy is everything that both men deserved, while the other is a travesty that no soldier deserves, yet so many recieve.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tiger Claw Radio #117

Tryed to do an episode of TCR with my son present. It was difficult to say the least. Hence this one is short. Also I didn't upload through the normal channels so you can pick it up at the old TCR Podomatic page. Enjoy!

Check out TCR 117 here.