Friday, July 31, 2015

War of the Worlds: Goliath

  Hi everyone, for my first post on TNR I will be giving my thoughts on an animated movie from 2012.

 Set after the events of the War of the Worlds novel, Goliath tells the story of Eric Wells, an orphan whose parents were killed in the original Martian invasion. After germs wiped out the invaders, humanity scavenged Martian technology to build their own tripods and heat rays. Now an adult, Eric has joined up with A.R.E.S., or Allied Resistance Earth Squadron, an international army created to fight the Martians if they ever invade again. Just as the first World War is about to break out, the Martians return, forcing Eric to overcome his own insecurities and prove himself a hero.
  Like most sci-fi and nerdy stuff, I am a fan of War of the Worlds. I read the novel when I was a teenager, and while it didn't knock my socks off, I enjoyed the darkness of it, specifically the idea that in a war against technologically advanced aliens, humanity was screwed.
  This movie was originally planned as an animated series, which probably explains why I enjoyed it. I'm a long time fan of animation, and it's not hard to think of Goliath as a kind of steam punk Exosquad, exactly the type of thing you'd find in a Saturday morning line up during the 90s. Visually I found Goliath to be a treat, the characters are very angular, with all of the male characters being square jawed he-men. The design of the A.R.E.S. tripods is neat, they look like bulky, walking tanks whereas the Martian tripods are much thinner and more sleek. The whole thing looks like a comic book come to life, which made me happy.  
  Goliath features the involvement of Kevin Eastman, who served as executive producer. Eastman is famous for co-creating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I don't know the full extent of his involvement with the production of this movie, but it certainly lends some geek street cred to the final proceedings, which is probably why you can find his name mentioned on the cover of the DVD.
  The voice cast includes actors from notable geeky shows like Firefly (Adam Baldwin), Highlander (Adrian Paul) and Andromeda (Jim Byrnes). I enjoyed Adrian Paul in this, as his womanizing, loud mouthed Irishman brought some much needed levity to the film. Adam Baldwin's appearance is more of a cameo, as his lunatic character doesn't get much time to shine.
  War of the Worlds: Goliath, also features a fictionalized version of American President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, who serves as a leader in A.R.E.S. who, considering his rank and status, is someone who does a surprising amount of fighting on the front lines. There's even a fun scene where Teddy incites a bar brawl. And really, folks, if you don't want to watch an hour and a half long cartoon where the 26th President of the United States shoots at aliens, then what's wrong with you? If you're a geek or fan of the source material then check this out.


  1. Thanks for the review, Tomcat. Delighted that you liked the movie.

  2. Great Review man. Just saw that today and I enjoyed it alot. I really enjoyed the setting and the characters (Tesla, Rosevelt and the Red Baron fighting Martians? Nice!). Its a very good action piece, not really that family friendly in my eyes, but well made and fun overall. Also when I checked the cast, it had not only Adrian Paul but three other actors from the Highlander series, its almost a mini Highlander reunion. Well made review, thanks man!

    1. Thanks again, Shawn. And thanks for alerting me to Mr. Pearson's comment. It's nice to have the director of the movie commenting on my humble review.