Friday, January 15, 2016

Beastcast 60 - Ive got no new stories

I talk about myself a bit. I hope you enjoy this one. Download link and info after the bump...

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)

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  1. I too wish I could hang out in my made up internet base, the real world is full of assholes and dipshits, I'd much rather be banging a Olivia Munn clone trooper. Sometimes you need to vent, I went through a pretty dark time a few years ago and wrote some pretty emo blogs, so emo that Spider-Man 3 would roll it's eyes at me. So I get it.

    Having 3 names is cool, just look at Shawn Michaels, he is known as "The Heart Break Kid", "The Show Stopper", and "Mr. WrestleMania". Although I think I prefer "The Gaming Beast" as it was the first name I knew you by.

    The Next is def off to a hot start in 2016, I've tried to tone down my uploading 10 cat videos at once while under the influence of gas station wine, so that more people will have their posts seen. This is the first real community based website I've been a part of, so I sort of had to wise myself up to that.

    I also still have a dumb phone. I've got a Tom Tom in my car for directions, a laptop for my internets, and a phone for phone calls and texts. A smart phone would just make a person that much more disconnected from the world, I think they've made the world that much more douchey.

    Not many people have the type of stories that Jerry Terrifying has, but then again, not many people can dead lift 500 pounds while banging 3 chics at the same time.

    Good show man, it helped me scavenge some more old PCs in the wasteland.