Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beastcast 59 - The Force is strong with this one

I talk about what I thought about "Star Wars Episode 7 - the Force Awakens" and in general my history of the franchise. I also give a quick update in the beginning. Download link and info after the bump...

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. I am loving these rapid fire podcasts from The Next Round, it really helps the scavenging in Fallout go by a lot faster. I enjoyed your "THIS IS A SPOILER" bit lol, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with every detail of The Force Awakens and Star Wars as a whole.

    And Mace Windu is fucking cool! I heard that Samuel L. Jackson pitched the idea for a purple light saber to George Lucas and Lucas agreed. Basically Samuel L. Jackson wanted to be able to pick himself out during the giant battle scenes.

    As far as new ideas for The Beastcast, I say just stick with whatever is tickling your fancy for that particle day. I enjoy your super hero talk, because I know you really give a shit about it, like when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out, I am deeply curious on your thoughts about it. It would be cool to hear about some of your misadventures in America, if you could work those in to an episode.

  2. Thanks Deathadder for the kind words, this is the kind of stuff I do my contnent for, :). I am imagining your character looking for broken PC's and downloading ancient podcasts, in order to make the scaveging less tedious, lol. I just had some fun with the spoiler warnings, also I wanted to make sure that people know there are gonna be spoilers.

    I didnt know that about Samuel L Jackson, but it does make sense. That purple lightsaber is easily distinguishable from green and blue.

    Thanks for the tips and dont worry, I will continue to talk about the upcoming Superhero films. I am going to wait for any more comments on BVS because all we can on about is the Trailers, and I want to see the full movie before making a full judgement.

    I like that misadventures in America bit. I am going to think about that.

    Im also happy the podcast goodness is flowing, for sure!