Monday, January 11, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #155 - New Year

Featuring Alex Swingle and Kaiser from the Next Round, TCR starts off the year with a bang.

Download the mp3 here.



  1. Great to hear another episode of TCR, Podcastamania is running wild all over The Next Round in 2016 brother!

    I think you did the right thing disabling ads on your YouTube channel, if you are not turning out a decent profit from it, then it is just turn off to some people. I have never enabled ads on my channel, then again I only get maybe 30 views a video, 25 of which are my re-watching my old views while intoxicated and crying.

    I'd be down to see some videos of you slowly building your PC over the course of the year, it would be cool to see the "big payoff" once it is finished and also it could help teach retards like myself what to do, if I were to ever build my own PC. I just hope you trick it out with at least one red LED light on it or spray paint a coffee mug on the side of it.

  2. Im really stocked for this and Podcastmania 2016! Great episode man! :)

    Yeah I was only tired at the time I accidentally payed more for the bundle and wasn't drinking lol. Yeah the funny thing is I was grinding levels in Sacred, then you talk about how I told you about that game. As you mentioned, even tough Divine Divinity is an action RPG, it is one with an actual deeper story then usual. Sacres is one of the biggest grindfests I have played and is perfect for listening to podcasts, as the story is very thin and you forget most of it since 99,9% of the game is fighting monsters. You mentioned Arx Fatalis that one is great too, and is more in the vains of Morrowind altough MUCH shorter (still great tough).

    Here is my question of the week:"Do you have a game that you can listen podcasts too or zone out to?"
    Even tough I am sad I missed to be in the recording with you guys, it was a blast listening to it, Great Job!