Monday, July 2, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #241 - Total Bankruptcy. This is happening.


  1. I also enjoy all of this high speed powered internets in our pants, but how many genuine real life moments have been missed out on thanks to Gal Gadot's Instagram. Quality of life would improve if we could at least get rid of smart phones. I am going to go yell at a cloud now, thank you.

    Mecha Menace a.k.a. WhatsOnMyShelf is like the Mondo Cool version of Alex Swingle, if the two were ever to get in to a heated argument in the YouTube comment section, not only would YouTube crash but the power in several large cities would flicker on and off as planes and helicopters fell from the sky.

    I saw you playing Call of Duty on Steam the other day, it's cool man I got a can of Mountain Dew out of a vending machine a couple of days ago, sometimes you've just got to live like an alpha.

    1. *DON'T READ ON AIR*

      I didn't have the heart to respond to Mecha. Mainly because he didn't ask me and we aren't friendly enough for banter. but also it was beyond my pay-grade to argue how dumb all of it was.

      Games are designed for you to buy, period. It's all a carny work work where the side-bonus is you being happy after they got your money. The medium required to distribute the game is how we have the means to hold onto them. As technology advances, those Devs will try to sell the game as intended, a limited time rental. Don't pay for rentals and they will go back to the old way. That would require people to have a spine though, and that won't happen.

      I have rentals on Steam. I have no illusions I own them. They will be taken from me and I will have zero recourse. It's also one of the reasons I have been getting physical copies of games I enjoyed on the Steam rental service. I think anyone was pays a decent chunk of money for rentals are idiots. I wear my dunce hat proudly.

  2. I think it will be interesting to see how we conserve digital games, since we have games that are no longer available (Online games, like City of Heroes). There has been some efforts to preserve software from being lost, like MAME roms (and because there is not a way to play them any other way for many of them, I think the IP owners dont care as much) or more obscure DOS games and software, so it will be interesting to see the efforts made to save download only digital games (like the TMNT remake). I mean one of the old DOS games I played for my stream started with a crack screen. Even the IP holders didn't have the original software, or they wanted a way to skip the copy protection. I also know about a company woh wanted to rerelease an old game of theirs, but didnt have it anymore (or they needed the code) and they eventually downloaded from Abandonware/rom website. Fortnite will be one day a almost forgotten game, that cannot be played anymore. This might be a good thing. What I want to say is to keep a hold of old software we want to use and have again in the far future.

    No worries about the pronunciation I was a semi Trolling, :).

    Question of Le Beast:
    Is there an original arcade you would like to own? Not a Mame machine but a original. I would get either the original Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat and or Golden Axe. Maybe from the golden age, Pac Man, Frogger or Arkanoid.

    Anyway keep on truckin broski!