Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Next Kaiser Kast #1 - F*CKING F*CKING F*CK F*CK! (NSFW) / Kaiser Kast #5

                          Same show, new format.  Links and download after the jump.

Download the show here:

Segments in this episode:
- Pre-Intro
- Song Break
- The Me Segment
- News Segment (includes 18+ news)
- Song Break
- Letters to Kaiser Segment
- Closing Song


- Aqualung Reviews: Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
-  Corgi Warlock:
- Echoes of Aetheria:
- DeathSmiles:
- Guns of Icarus Alliance:
- Stars in Shadows:

- Gahkthun the Golden Lightning (Warning: NSFW):


  1. Its great, that you returned to podcasting. It is a bit rough, but I enjoy it well done man. When I podcast after some absence it takes some time for me to get into the swing of things. KEep on casting man, I hope the next episode will be on soon!

  2. I actually not that long ago found and listened to one of your older podcasts off of, one where The Gaming Beast is really passionate about his hatred for Movie 42 or whatever it was called. Even though I've only done a couple of my podcasts, I already realize just how damn hard it is to do a solo show, if your brain shuts off for just a second, you feel like the show went down the toilet. But it was a solid ass return!

    I also listened to the deleted scene, glad to hear you made it out of 2015 alive brother.

    I don't know if future episodes will have a Q&A segment, but just in case, why did you decided to start a fresh new podcast and who'd win in a fight Scott Steiner or 2 Buff Bagwells?