Monday, October 2, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #203 - Goodbye September!


  1. Glad I could help broski. Get well soon! Ill try out the Ancient Aliens and the other wads and tell you what I think.

    I really need to sink my teeth into River City Ransom, and the other Kunio-kun games.

    That paper dolls song was cool. Had a slight Amiga/C64 vibe to it, I dug it.

    Question of the Beast:
    You mentioned the Atari Box, and said it would most likely fail. I agree, but my question is this: If it does support modern games, do you think we may get more new consoles out? Like a new one from Sega or some other company? I personally think that it is too expansive and risky. I kind of enjoyed that there were a vareity of consoles back in the day, even if they were not that good. There was more competition. Now it is just the big 3 left, and the occasional smaller project like Ouja. I sometimes wish what if we had more varietly. Then again Im pretty much a PC GAYMOR FOLIVE!!! So yeah, just made me think.

    Second question if you were tasked to design a gaming console by a big company, how would you do it?

  2. Breaking news: Quake Champions is so successful, that after 2 months of being in early access on Steam, it is now in the Humble Monthly for October.

  3. Instead of overheating the podcast with my backlog of comments in one go, I'll submit a little bit at a time. Here you go:

    Episode 193:
    1. (You complaining about the small view count for your Morrowind videos) The problem I see is you decided to record a Let's Play of a game that thousands have done Let's Plays for and they are all filled to the brim with boring time waster moments. The majority of people will assume you are another one of those people who upload you yelling at your mom for 5 minutes while sitting on the merchant window the entire time. Basically, just make them and don't care for the views since you can't change the perception people will have for that game.

    2. (Games I grew up with) Here comes my pithy response: Every game is a game I grew up with due to the fact we grow old every second. I'm going to have to make assumptions as to what you meant by a game I grew up with and guess you're asking about a game I routinely went back to for a few years of my youth. I still don't have an answer. There are certain games I pine for but I never had the willpower to replay a game just for the sake of replaying it. At most I would say Lethal Enforcers 2 but that also falls into the game of a goal orientated mission because once I got to the last stage, I was done playing that game and it's been 16 years since I last touched it.

    My final answer would be...Skyrim. It activates all my tisms in just the right way. :p Okay, for realzies, it would be Target Earth. I was blown away by the art style and how brutally hard it was while being fair. There was no rote memory required BS I hate in games but it had bullet patterns that were a pain to get through. Man, the more I think on it, I want to Phantasy Star 4 just for the impact it had on me with games. Still, I'll stick to Target Earth because it set the bar for what I expect Mecha games should be. Can I pick Armored Core instead? TL;DR I love robots.

    3. (Your imitation of Deathadder's voice) I agree, southern 'tard matches him to a T.

    1. Just because I am in my 25th year of 1st grade and know the exact measurements of Hulk Hogan's arms and reproductive organ doesn't mean I'm a retard (the R-word if this makes air).

      *trips over moonshine jug and falls in to cousin's asshole (A-hole if this makes air)*

      Oh yeah!

  4. TCR 194:

    1. (You talked about needing to have a team to root for when watching video game tourneys) I still find it stupid for anyone to care about a single Korean mashing on a keyboard, even if they are more Korean than me at mashing that keyboard. I remember when G4 had the Halo 1 Tournament and I laughed even as a young manchild because I played that game and thought to myself, "Let's see who is the best spawn camper with the most overpowered weapon in the game; the pistol." And sure enough, I watched 10 minutes of the first match and the pistol got the most kills and 90% of the kills gained by the winner on round 1 was a dude spawn killing.

    I just don't see the merit in caring about a specific team. Now watching it to see what happens? I'm down for that. I don't care who wins, as long as something cool happens in the process like when I watched G4's Arena show (which turned out to be scripted events, q.q)

    2. (You called me out for liking Killer Instinct and asked if I had rose-colored glasses about it) It's as average as Street Fighter 2 for me. I'm not super into fighting games to begin with as stated on a previous TCR. The balance isn't there, so my passion for winning or losing is diminished. Last time I played Killer Instinct for the SNES was on...uh...a device that is 100% legal to play 2005. It held up exactly how I remember it. It focused on combos like every fighting game and I loved the soundtrack as well as the character design for all the characters. Even the color palette swap on Glacier and Cinder.

    In other words, for an extremely filthy casual, I like Killer Instinct.