Monday, October 16, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #205 - SMS and Repros


  1. In all due respect to the Mondo-Round verse (a term coined by Alex Swingle circa 2001) but Bit Head 1000 is hands down the best YouTuber in the now defunct YouTube Gaming Community, the guy is a national treasure.

    One of my favorite Bit Head moments is from a much older video where he calls up a re-seller to buy Earth Bound and sends him to the wrong house on purpose, the whole call is on video.

    I just went to find the video to link it and you left a comment lol, I'll leave a link regardless for the masses.

    It's cool if you aren't a booze hound, soda tastes better and you don't wake up on the kitchen floor spooning a box fan with only one sock on.

    Below are links to two other YouTubers you may or not be aware of who I enjoy and have that old school YouTube feel to them, and most importantly don't seem like D-Bags.


    *Ballin Nick*

    *BitHead Trolling Video*

  2. Bit Head 1000 is pretty funny for sure. He really embodies the golden age of gaming vids in many ways.

    I liked your friends Halo story, seemed like good times. Yeah it is better in many ways to be pretty straight edge, I really just drink from time to time, anyway thanks for sharing.

    Also Coke is your drink in the Mondo-Round verse (thank you Deathadder for reminding me of that term) that and coffee. Swig for the working man!

    I may get into repro carts one day, so far Ill stick with emulation and the few systems I have. However Everdrives seem like a cool idea, since you get to play the games on the hardware, even if they have a high price (Ill never pay for example for Earthbound, since its way to expensive, but I enjoyed playing it).

    It is cool you got some enjoyment out of your Master System (even if your son didnt), gotta check out Bonanza Bros myself. I have known about it, but I do not remember playing it.

    Contra Hardcorps is pretty cool. It is basically like Contra 3 for Snes, but the characters that you can play have different weapons. It is still very hard tough, go figure right?

    I gotta agree with you, using the Moga controller for my Smartphone, is pretty much my handheld. It got me through the clinic for sure, and it looks pretty cool. So I dont feel the need to get a handheld from Nindendo or Sony.

    Question of the Beast:
    If you would make your own Arcade, what games would you have there? (not just gaming arcades, can also be pinball etc.). And what would the name/theme be?

    Keep on truckin!

  3. 1. How many seconds did it take to disown your son when he told you he didn't like the Master System? I know in modern day 2017, it isn't couth to hate unorthodox lifestyles, but that must have been a crushing blow to learn your offspring is a Nintendo fanboy. Yes, I'm making a veiled homosexual reference for laughs :)

    2. Phantasy Star 4 is legit good. Also, that game was always expensive, but it has certainly gone up from the usual $30 price range it fetched. Makes sense to me considering it's retail price was $100 and it had a limited release. After someone who played like 8 JRPGs that were modeled after first person dungeon crawls, it was awesome to finally see your characters attack instead of strobelight flashing the enemy to death like in Dragon Warrior. That and there were very few secrets+padding in the storyline.

    It still takes about 40-50 hours to complete everything and you sort of need to do the sidequests if you want an excuse to level grind to the appropriate stats for an upcoming boss. I'm pretty sure it didn't innovate, but it did everything so well, it might as well be considered the first game to do it right. There are some BS moments, but it isn't often. It does the typical story JRPG where you are required to lose a fight sort of BS about 2 or 3 times if I remember right. Last thing s that is has about 4 dungeons that are a bit labyrinth-like. It's nothing as extreme as Phantasy Star 2 or 1.

    3. You were not the one pooping on Phantasy Star 2. You were reciting a Steam review talking about the game's level design being maze-like and it triggered me so hard, I wanted to state the facts.

    4. It's actually a lot worse in regards to The Next Round Podcast. We have still been recording each month for the last 13 months. I haven't been giving proper time to edit the podcasts, but they are backed up in multiple formats, so they will come out, I just need to focus on them. They would come out sooner if there weren't cringe worthy moments each recording that serve no one by being in there. For example, my 4 minute explanation of Steam games that play like Out Of The Park Baseball but were an actual game instead of a spread sheet simulator.

    I also recommend you seek medical help for your early Alzheimers because the last recording wasn't September of 2016. In fact, your last appearance was the March of 2017 recording. We are still up to date as of October 2017 with February of 2017 being the only date all of us didn't record the podcast. As Darabka jokes, the Men In Black RPG session is our February podcast for the month, which you should listen to just for the tragic ending of Shawn's character (spoilers lol).

    5. There have only been two special occasions you've done for the podcast. The Pilot episode, which still splits my sides after you recited your goals for the podcast to last no longer than 45 minutes TOPs, as well as your Patreon return to the airwaves by declaring the podcast a swear-free zone. The first promise ended by episode 6 and the second one lasted 4 episodes. Those were good times.

    6. Prepare your butt because I DID NOT combine my previous backlog in the TCR 204. I haven't left a comment since TCR 190 and have been meaning to. The last 3 months have been distraction intense as I prepare for the Winter onslaught Second Market Merchants have to go through. That and I have been focused on downsizing my collection of crap I've hoarded over the years.

    My hopes is to release two TCR length comments each podcast until I catch up. In the following replies to my own novel, I'll give you the 203 backlog as well as this one. Good luck and God speed.

    1. TCR 203: Breaking news: Quake Champions is so successful, that after 2 months of being in early access on Steam, it is now in the Humble Monthly for October.

      Instead of overheating the podcast with my backlog of comments in one go, I'll submit a little bit at a time. Here you go:

      Episode 193:
      1. (You complaining about the small view count for your Morrowind videos) The problem I see is you decided to record a Let's Play of a game that thousands have done Let's Plays for and they are all filled to the brim with boring time waster moments. The majority of people will assume you are another one of those people who upload you yelling at your mom for 5 minutes while sitting on the merchant window the entire time. Basically, just make them and don't care for the views since you can't change the perception people will have for that game.

      2. (Games I grew up with) Here comes my pithy response: Every game is a game I grew up with due to the fact we grow old every second. I'm going to have to make assumptions as to what you meant by a game I grew up with and guess you're asking about a game I routinely went back to for a few years of my youth. I still don't have an answer. There are certain games I pine for but I never had the willpower to replay a game just for the sake of replaying it. At most I would say Lethal Enforcers 2 but that also falls into the game of a goal orientated mission because once I got to the last stage, I was done playing that game and it's been 16 years since I last touched it.

      My final answer would be...Skyrim. It activates all my tisms in just the right way. :p Okay, for realzies, it would be Target Earth. I was blown away by the art style and how brutally hard it was while being fair. There was no rote memory required BS I hate in games but it had bullet patterns that were a pain to get through. Man, the more I think on it, I want to Phantasy Star 4 just for the impact it had on me with games. Still, I'll stick to Target Earth because it set the bar for what I expect Mecha games should be. Can I pick Armored Core instead? TL;DR I love robots.

      3. (Your imitation of Deathadder's voice) I agree, southern 'tard matches him to a T.

      Deathadder's response to me calling him a retard:

      Just because I am in my 25th year of 1st grade and know the exact measurements of Hulk Hogan's arms and reproductive organ doesn't mean I'm a retard (the R-word if this makes air).

      *trips over moonshine jug and falls in to cousin's asshole (A-hole if this makes air)*

      Oh yeah!

    2. TCR 194:

      1. (You talked about needing to have a team to root for when watching video game tourneys) I still find it stupid for anyone to care about a single Korean mashing on a keyboard, even if they are more Korean than me at mashing that keyboard. I remember when G4 had the Halo 1 Tournament and I laughed even as a young manchild because I played that game and thought to myself, "Let's see who is the best spawn camper with the most overpowered weapon in the game; the pistol." And sure enough, I watched 10 minutes of the first match and the pistol got the most kills and 90% of the kills gained by the winner on round 1 was a dude spawn killing.

      I just don't see the merit in caring about a specific team. Now watching it to see what happens? I'm down for that. I don't care who wins, as long as something cool happens in the process like when I watched G4's Arena show (which turned out to be scripted events, q.q)

      2. (You called me out for liking Killer Instinct and asked if I had rose-colored glasses about it) It's as average as Street Fighter 2 for me. I'm not super into fighting games to begin with as stated on a previous TCR. The balance isn't there, so my passion for winning or losing is diminished. Last time I played Killer Instinct for the SNES was on...uh...a device that is 100% legal to play 2005. It held up exactly how I remember it. It focused on combos like every fighting game and I loved the soundtrack as well as the character design for all the characters. Even the color palette swap on Glacier and Cinder.

      In other words, for an extremely filthy casual, I like Killer Instinct.

      Addendum to the Killer Instinct heated rivalry: Just remember this was my initial comment to the commentary. I know this has been hashed out, so don't worry about defending how wrong you are :p

    3. for TCR 205 7. You still don't me beat for the android box since your phone costs you more than $0 along with the adapter. Plus it isn't a competition. I'm observing that the price for these gimmick consoles are higher than they should be and the price example was used to prove how cheap it is to get very high quality hardware on the cheap. That android box I use plays PSP games at the full 60 frames as well as 3DS. It's a modern marvel to get hardware so cheap that can play pretty much everything prior to the PS2's hardware.

    4. TCR 197:
      1. At minute 38; you called DeathAdder a Canadian: Normally I would
      smite you where you stand as required by commandment 5 in the Cult Of
      DeathAdder, but I will let it slide this one time. The destroyer of
      worlds is a native hick from the south lands of America. He is one of
      those rare halfbreeds who likes sweet tea and slavery yet doesn't have
      a heavy accent. I agree, it's weird.

      As an aside to the Dark Souls whinefest from me: I'm more amazed a human being above the IQ of 60 can't recognize it is a badly done game meant for tryhards. The game itself is whatever. That was why I made it such a big deal when DeathAdder kept doubling down that he liked it. It was like making out with a lady and she stops to inform me she is my mom. Just shock and confusion. Now I'm okay with the wincest.

      2. At Minute 52; your insane masochistic love of the Gygaxian homage,
      the Wizardry series: I've attempted 6, 7, and 8 of the series to see
      why you could enjoy cryptic puzzles. I've concluded whimsical madness
      after walking over a tile and falling asleep for 4 in-game days in
      Wizardry 7. 6 was decent once I read the strategy guide, but it's
      still rough thanks to the game being 1st edition D&D and all
      characters having less than 50% chance to hit for the first few
      levels. That and it's a Gygaxian dungeon crawler. I probably would
      have served jail time for beating him to a pulp due to his douchebag
      design of having fun.

      8 was the most playable out of the bunch, yet once again, it's a stat
      heavy grindfest, yet none of the stats are explained outside of 'high
      numbers are good...maybe'

      Now maybe I didn't put in 30+ hours per game to figure out why it's so great of a series, but there has got to be a better way to have fun.

      3.At Minute 62; you talked about having trouble getting guests for


      $HOLE!!!!! :)
      I know we tried on a whim to record something, but you got distracted

      by reality and never messaged me back that day nor the next day (or

      the next week, or the next month). I'm still willing if you haven't

      gotten sick of tolerating my sass.

    5. TCR 198:

      1. r.i.p. your FamiCom adapter dreams.

      2. (You talked about upgrading PC parts potentially) It was I who mentioned you could spend about $200 and upgrade your GPU from a 750ti to a 1060 GTX. The price is now $250 ish but the point still stands that the hardware is 3 times the hardware capability compared to the 750ti. That and the power efficiency is amazing enough to rarely use it's fans, not that it matters much for you.

      Basically, wait for the next-gen series before buying a new graphics card. Most games are good enough for your 750ti and it won't cost you $200-300 plus driver frustration like I had to deal with for my first year of owning a 1060. I sort of regret buying it if it wasn't for the fact I saved $80 in the long run thanks to Bitcoin Miners jacking up the GPU prices. The driver support was still awful and an experience I don't recommend.

  4. *NO NEED TO READ ON AIR (optional)*

    I was scrolling through the TNRs and LOL god damn Swingle and this ultra combo post. I just read the part with my name because I am a ego maniac. Sweet Tea and Slavery is my band name, two of my favorite things right there.