Monday, October 23, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio 206 - Collecters Edition


  1. I may just get some repro carts myself. Alot of Snes games I had and loved (Super Metroid, Secret of Mana etc) are way to expensive nowdays, I dunno if I want to waste money on that. I remember my friend (who was the only I knew who had a Master System) play Wonder Boy 3 on it which looked pretty sweet. Maybe a game to check out. I like your DOS MS comparision, but I feel the MS had a better color palette then the NES, but I may be wrong.

    Question of the Beast: You said you dont have the time to play RPG's which is understandable. Have you thought about playing coop RPG's (Like Secret of Mana) with your son? I liked it as a kid myself, and I loved that you could play it together. Might be a way for playing a game through together.

  2. 1. A new challenger appears! I recently bought Raiden 3 and 4 for the Steams. Expect a score attempt to be uploaded in a bit.

    (briefly read before saying this)
    2. In case it wasn't addressed, my megacomment novel was misread a few times and I'm sorry I had enough of an aggressive comment section that when misread, caused ya grief. It has been hashed out and for anyone who was curious what I was smoking during some of those comments, it was sleep deprived CF. Also, the 193 comment about Morrowwind was never read, but I did tell you that privately the week you brought it up, so you probably confused that with on-air reading.