Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #204 - Love, Coffee, Sega


  1. 1.It might be a bit difficult to play modern games with a joystick and two buttons, but I'm hyped for the AtariBox. Calling any Linux Box a console is like calling an Android Box a console. My M905x is my favorite console for playing Android JRPGs, and it only cost me $40 shipped.

    Consoles were a big deal in the past because of availability. They were expensive to make and cutting edge every release. The last three console generations are 2 years behind tech wise on average (5 if you count Nintendo) and make up for the lack of innovation by adding a better GPU for extra shaders. All these gimmick consoles don't add shaders or cutting edge technology. They are simply Android Pis that make for great emulation platforms on the cheap, but the Atari Box can't even get that right with it's price range!. Add as many O's as desired for this next bit; Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo thank you.


    TCR 195: I got nothing to add to your love of Nintendu

    TCR 196

    1. (Complaining about the price of MAGFest tickets) We both can agree you got robbed. The fact the price of tickets go up as tickets are sold is more BS than the gimmick of early reserve equals a discount. The kicker of the whole CONvention are the videos you've uploaded where the event is knowingly violating the law by allowing videogames to be publicly displayed without permission from the publishers. Businesses are not like us where we can flagrantly violate the law because those companies know we don't have enough money to justify suing. I would never pay money to people who shirk the law like that on top of having Grubby like tactics. Reserve a building and when ya sell out, stay sold out. F those humanoid shaped creatures.

    2. At Minute 51: The Phantasy Star 2 Blasphemer: The most important fact that people should know when buying that game is that it came with the strategy guide in the box. It included pictures of all the maps, details of each item in a lock box, where some teleporters sent you, the works. Any complaints about it being hard to get into is negated if you bought the game as intended, which to be fair, the guide isn't included when you buy the lazy rom upload.

    I got to the Blue Key before tapping out. It is the 2nd key out of 4 needed to beat the game, which is about 5 or 6 dungeons away from 'winning' (if you know the ending, you know what I mean q.q) The later dungeons I can agree about the maze style design. They were filled with long corridors that are dead ends and each trap took around 20 battles to realize it was a mistake to go that route. It was moments like that where having the guide was a big deal and was a form of soft DRM. You know those games where the brand new edition included a guide to verify your legit purchase and most used copies didn't have it, so all those pitfalls that are solved with the guide become a hassle. Not unbeatable, but a real pain in the butt. I can think of games like the first Zelda game to be that way, where if you aren't one with The Glow, it can be difficult to figure out what to do, let alone know where to go without the manual. As an aside, I've never completed a single dungeon of any Zelda game until Ocarina Of Time. It had nothing to do with difficulty, but more to do with desire to progress. They were the first few games where I became self-aware as a gamer, and you never want to be self-aware as a gamer. The never ending question of, "What am I doing with my life?" as I played the game.

    1. One more thing: You didn't read any of the comments on TNR for last episode. It was me and Darabka and you already read his last recording. What I'm saying is, I'm lonely with all my sensual coconut butter over here XD

  2. I enjoyed running battle on the master system. I am not saying it is the greatest game ever, but I enjoyed it more then I thought.

    Cendoo is a bro for supplying you with a master system. I miss him.

    Question of the Beast:
    Did you ever get wasted and play video games back in the day? If yes what was your drink/game of choice? Do you do better at some games while being shitfaced? I thought I did at times, or maybe I cared less when I lost.

    PS: Hope you are doing well broski

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