Monday, September 25, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #202 - I love you my friends.


  1. The Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection is no longer available on Steam, when I opened my Steam account a year ago I went looking for it, didn't see it and punched a hole though the wall cursing the name of Ed Boon.

    The DOS ports of Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and vanilla 3 are on GOG, but it sounds like you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a controller working on it. I once again punched a hole through my wall cursing the name of Ed Boon.

    I tried running it on MAME way before all of that, and all I could figure out was how to make another Ed Boon inspired hole in the wall. MAME is hard for dummies to use. But I did have that Kollection on my PS3 before I sold it, it was cool.

    If I ever find out who thumbs downed Burger Rider's videos, I will murder that person and then review the items I used for murder on my receipt.

    Burger Rider is life.

    You can turn in a Raspberry Pi in to a phone, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

    My phone literally runs on Windows 8, that is not a joke, it is a real thing. And yes it is just as bad as it sounds.

    The Dinner Party episode of The Office was great, I always remember Michael's neon St. Pauli Girl beer sign and him using "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" in a fight.

    (link included)

  2. I have been catching up on TCR, while playing games. Instead of commenting on every older one as I used too, Ill just make one response here. Hope that helps broski!

    Im really happy you passed 200 episodes. TCR has a special place in my heart, its where I got into podcasting, and into meeting you and our group of friends. Good times.

    I haven't been in a clan per say but I played and interacted with some clans in some games. Corner pub was probably the closest I got to one. Altough I consider TNR our clan. I loved that Norm/Cheers reference good stuff. Have been watching it on Netflix, still holds up. Age of Chivalry used to be my multiplayer game, where I got to know alot of the community at the time. That was like 2008 to 2010. I might go back and play it again.

    Im really excited you are working on a Doom-Wad. I have looked into making my own wad, and yes I am most interested in making my own sprites. We should try and make something small and fun. Chat me up on the Stems.

    Im happy you got play your Famiclone games afterall. I remember World Cup as a kid, and it was the only soccer game I digged. I should really get back into River City Ransom. I think you and me talked once about trying the game over an emulator with online support one day. Maybe once you are less busy.

    I have kind of took a break from the net for a bit, and have gamed alot. I played through Harvester. The game is hillarious cheese, but also really fucked up at times. I enjoyed it, even tough there were some moon logic puzzles that were annoying. Not too bad tough. And as we all know, Steve is known as a kidder. ;)

    I started playing Might and Magic 7 after finishing 6. And it is very similar, but has some nice tweaks. Sadly the FMV and real life portraits are gone. The FMV was an interesting age in gameing, gaping that age when 3D was still developing. I have played multiple games with this style of graphics, and honestly I still find it charming. It may be dated to many, but I have had more enjoyment with retrogames in recent times, then newer ones. I would recommend Might and Magic 6 as a jumping point for the series. I will try Wizardry 5 and see how it goes. Going into with a guide tough. There are some good ones out there online.

    Speaking of your Snes episode, I did mention the translated Super Famicom games, which most were really cool to play, and it extends the library of the system. So what I was thinking is that you could search Romhacking.nets database ( for the famicom games you got but can't play because the language barrier, and maybe use a nes everdrive to play them. I want to get one for my european NES eventually. I still want to get a Snes and a Genesis myself, but yeah I agree is that getting the good games for the system can be really expensive. I collected a bit back in the US, and bought a NES with some games on EBAY here in Deutschland, but haven't but anything since. I don't know, maybe one day.

    Question of the Beast: Which Famicom only games would you recommend to your bros here in TNR?

    PS: Thanks for making TCR, Im rooting for you too!

    PS 2: DICKS!!!!