Monday, September 18, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #201 - Famiclone Get


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  2. I liked the entering the car early Friday morning immersion, it sounded like you were stealing a car, I appreciate the extra immersion outside of just the regular talking in to a microphone once in awhile.

    I went to that multi-layed arcade at Disney a few years ago, did they really close it down?! That is okay I'll just go to my local mall full of dozens of arcade machines......(remembers it's not 1999 anymore) OH S WORD!!! F U DISNEY F U!!! If memory serves me correct I believe they even had a Wreck It Ralph arcade machine there.

    Resident Evil 1 was a pretty special game back in the day, I need to buy the HD remake and play it again as an adult, an adult with every light on inside the house.

    Thank you for the plug good sir, I humbly and graciously accept your kind words, although they are unwarranted. My podcast is the only podcast on The Next Round where get to listen to a man drive to the vet to get de-wormer medicine and talk about Sub Zero. You can hear my spirit breaking a little more each episode.

    Speaking of TV shows, I just watched the newest South Park episode via Hulu, and it was F'N TERRIBLE. The lizard people have truly ruined modern television.