Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rambling Pro Gamer 06 - Totally Not Dedicated To Critical Failure

For the sixth recording of Rambling Pro Gamers, I try out a new intro to the show and give the latest Bundle Report for 11/14/2015. For the second segment I discuss how to roleplay people you know at a gaming table and I review 'It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains'.

And I mean it; This podcast is not dedicated to Critical Failure. Okay, maybe a little.

Songs included:

King Clarence - Down By The Burying Ground
Good Riddance - Libertine
Bouncing Souls - True Believers

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  1. "I like a good challenge" hehe. Yeah I remember you mentioning to me playing each other as RPG characters. We should do that, especially if we can more of the "group" together. Good music for the episode btw. You kept the TCR spirit going. Good bundle report. Once December hits gonna think of some games to buy. As you know I got some from the GOG fall sale. Pretty good one too. Been playing more Lionheart, while listening to this. Im in the Persian Desert. I enjoy the game, but the druidic dungeon was a bit repetitive. In general there is alot of grinding against the same 2 to 4 enemies per level. I remember the one with the Nagas, get that poison resistance up. I still stand by what I said In my review. I tried to post that in a reddit video game RPG group, lets just say there were less the enthused. Removed it and reddit can go fuck itself. For that little traffic it is not worth the headache. People will only watch their chossed YT gods. I enjoyed this episode thoroughly. Also final question: What are reasons you continue playing a game, and what are reasons why you stop playing a video game? In other words, what do you call "a good challenge?" ;)

  2. Just finished listening. Great show man! King Clarence was a new experience for me. I dig it. Reminds me a bit of Tiger Army. (There is some good youtubens in store for you if you aren't familiar with them.)

    Also, there is a zombie game knock off of Duck Game? That might be fun. Thanks again for the tribute. Great work maing.