Monday, November 16, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #149 - Thankful Soul

Looking into my purchases from last thanksgiving, Revisiting Minecraft, my NES & SNES wishlist and more! This week on Tiger Claw Radio!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page

Edit: I fixed whatever was wrong with this weeks episode. Sorry about that guys.


  1. I don't know what the fuck went wrong with this post. I'll try and fix it tomorrow morning. Sorry guys.

    1. MP3 file isn't available either. I think the file failed to upload. Le sad face.

  2. Gonna make this a shorter one ;) : First and foremost great episode, enjoyed the music, topics and the length. I think Minecraft would of been great if it was based on easy mod and content. I wish that Freedom Force had an easier way for making custom meshes (to make new costumes and such). Also Wizardry was always a very hardcore series in general. I always liked character exportining, I did so for "Realms of Arkania" Northland Trilogy, but there you could make new characters from scratch and level them up too, and there was a starter set of characters. It was more widespread, like all the goldbox D&D games you could import characters to other goldbox games. And a final question to you, what is a game you tried to get into and wanted to master, but for some reason could not? For me it would be any of the Wizardry and Might and Magic games, but I am not giving up. Gotta finish other games like Lionheart first. Thanks again for recording these broski!

  3. *Hey CF, I've been marathoning through the last several episodes of Tiger Claw Radio and The Next Round podcasts during my various dish cleaning parties, so my thoughts could be all over the place.

    *First of all my wife actually over heard your podcast and commented on how soothing your voice was, normally I'd have taken a hand to her for interupting your podcast, but I just joined in on gushing over how amazingly smooth your voice is. It was a real bonding moment for us.

    *XBOX recomendations: Psi-Ops and Kill Switch, both of those games had a lot of original elements that are now used in a lot of modern games. A 3 minute video review would probably be a lot more helpful than my text though, if you are interested.

    *YouTubes: I too am saddend and bored with talking about the dying days of that once beautiful website. I am just kind of picturing it's final moments with PewDiePie riding a YouTube Red logo in to a pit of fire while screaming "peeeeeeeeeeew diiiiiiiiiiiie piiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!"

    *Vintage Video Game Geek: I know he listens, Vintage please give us one final episode of The Retro Rejects! I miss that headless man trolling NES Complex.

    *The Next Round Tournament: I should have known Kaiser had a hand in my loss to Swingle. I am personally calling out Retro Kaiser right now to the most brutal match know to man, a YAPPAPI INDIAN STRAP MATCH!..............BROTHER!