Monday, November 23, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #150 - Power Turkey

This week on Tiger Claw Radio, It's Power Turkey Time!

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  1. Gonna post my failbag message from #149 here since I missed the deadline of your recording time: #1 My brother Andy had an X-Box and thankfully he let me and my other brother Scott play on it due to not smashing controllers or slobbering on the console. It was a thing we did for all the consoles we got, regardless of who technically owned it.

    Most of the titles my bros had were multiplatform sport titles like da Maddens. It was kind of the thing I noticed with the X Box; very few exclusive titles that were console worthy, but a lot of ports. Also had a lot of co-op games, so you and the boy will greatly enjoy keeping your X Box until it finally overheats the DVD lens with it's awful design. I recommend getting some type of fan to dissipate the heat from that beast. That is how Andy's X Box died.

    My list of schweet games on X Box:
    1. MechAssault 1+2 ($5 each shipped and has local co-op arena for the boy)
    1 had better story missions, 2 had better Arena and nice variety of mechs
    2. Phantom Crash (close to $10 shipped, but Armored Core on Speed, got the sequel on PS2) I'm legally married in 40 states to this game. Only reason I would own an X Box if it wasn't for the sequel being on PS2. Shadow and lighting effects isn't as great on the PS2 though.
    3. Hunter The Reckoning + Redeemer (scurry Gauntlet style game, about $7 shipped, local co-op)
    4. Mercenaries (Grand Theft Auto without the RC Car missions. Just shoot and keep shooting.
    5. Rainbow Six: Lock Down ($4 shipped and has split screen co-op) I liked the guns a lot in this one. Shotguns were my favorite.
    6. Halo 2 ($5 and I think it is the best of the series for multiplayer.) I felt the guns were better balanced in Halo 2. The story missions weren't that great though.

    #2 I didn't have a large collection because I never wanted to own a lot of games for a system I didn't have 100% ownership over. Besides those 5, I had Counter Strike and that was based off Condition Zero, not exactly 1.6. Uber Nerd Alert: For the mini map, the original Counter Strike never named any of the locations on a map. They were labeled that in Condition Zero after the community named those maps like Double Doors in Dust 1 map. You can read more of the history via the wiki. I also enjoyed being able to play songs in the game. It took a long time for me to have an MP3 player and that was great to have. Rollover DJ by Jet and Not Responsible from Tom Jones were frequently heard during my escapades in Counter Strike on XBox.

    #3 One Moar Thing: Did you listen to the tribute podcast yet? Took like 30 minutes to get the intro done with the voice samples, however it was worth it for using your music. Top kek.

  2. And now, my love letter (jk) to CF for recording #150

    #1: Favorite NES Box Art: I never had an NES game with the box, but thanks to internet, I looked up the box art for games I did own. My favorites are Digger T Rock, which showed that as the main character, look for shinies, but watch your behind for monsters. I love box art that either shows exactly what you get or has a moment of action to reflect the gameplay tricks you need to learn. The early NES titles like Kung Fu showed the 'what you get' by having the graphics be the selling point. I liked that box for the simplistic nature of displaying why that game should be bought.

    The ones that excited me to play, but failed turning the system on was Metal Gear and Dragon Warrior 1. Both games had awesome art with Metal Gear showing off a Bad Man Majamma but has the stiffest controls I ever witnessed for the NES. Dragon Warrior 1 disappointed me with that awesome cover art, only to be a turn based JRPG grind-a-thon. I was expecting a real time hack n' slash game based on the front image. The mid 80s to early 90s felt more like the wonder years of false advertising based on their front cover. So many covers didn't display what is actually occurring for gameplay.

    #2: Shawn gave us many disappoints by not getting Sanctum 1 during a weekly Humble Bundle. Bad Darabka, bad. (smacks newspaper on nose) :p.
    I tried some Steam code trading sites but to no avail. I may get lucky before the sales start, but it looks like it'll have to be acquired through the Winter Sale. I did gift him Sanctum 2 and that works. Me and Shawn are level 8 in the campaign for 2, which is very different than the first game. You can't level up guns as an example in number 2.

  3. I reached the character limit trying to post the full message. whoops.

    #3: How dare you...not even going to mention the 40 second custom intro I did for the tribute podcast? That be some scandalous stuff right there :p I also did your classic intro of saying, "Hey, what is going on there, ladies and gentlemen."

    I would advise listening to it again because I did a lot of classic bits you still currently do on Tiger Claw Radio. For example, you tend to say 'you are listening to Tiger Claw Radio' at the end of introducing a song you are about to play like you were broadcasting from a real radio station. Even more frequently is not ending strong on the call sign, where the statement is almost an afterthought and not delivered well. That is why each time I played a song, I was
    almost muddering and was slow on the delivery of 'you are listening to Rambling Pro Gamers'.

    When I did the Bundle Report, I was mimicking the way you did the Bundle Reports those 3 or 4 times you did it a few months back, where it sounded like you didn't prepare ahead of time and wrote notes to address what you thought was worth picking up. Instead you went site by site, scanning each bundle, and then if something caught your eye, mention it.

    The segment where I discuss how to roleplay people you know was very meta for multiple reasons. The tribute was me pretending to be you and sharing all the things I enjoy about your work. Also, early on you did do some segments on RPG advice. Your RPG advice wasn't very specific on how to execute a plan, but tended to get the fundamentals down such as your campaign advice near the early 10s on the programme. That was what I was doing for RPG advice on roleplaying people you know.

    The songs too were based on your preference to punk and blues with selected meanings I wanted to tell. Down On The Burying Ground was a message about you should do more Tiger Claw Radio recordings and to not let it die out. You said early on as a joke that you'll be doing Tiger Claw Radio way after you get sick and tired of videogames, even. That is how much you like recording and the spurts of being absent made me miss the show even more for that reason.

    Libertine by Good Riddance was selected due to enjoying the recordings. I often listen to podcasts before going to bed and in my playlist there are a few from Retro Kaiser, DeathAdder, Darabka, and you. There are several lines in the song conveying how the music, aka your noise in this analogy, helped the singer during troubled times and even enhanced special occasions.

    Finally, True Believers by Bouncing Souls was in reference to the struggle you go through to get a podcast out during your busy weeks and how it is worth doing when you finish exporting the mp3 to Audacity. Also it was about how your e-Bros are there for ya in times of need, like when me, Kaiser or Darabka helped ya out to get a recording finished.


  4. (trigger warning against Vintage)
    #4: woah, woah, woah, hold the train...You thought Retro Rejects was a good podcast? Woah... Vintage is such an anal guy, I bet he does guard duty at a nuclear missile silo or triple stamps everything at the DMV. That is not a natural voice based on testicles dropping. He is also a level of awkward that cannot be measured by man against Chris of NES Complex.

    I liked their 11th recording where they talk about Jew Wario and Keeb dying (not because they died but due to some
    honest personal thoughts being revealed), their 10th recording with the Cartridge Brothers and the 16th recording due to my fanboyism, Tiger Claw being on there. I tried to listen to the rest but Vintage did his best to make it unlistenable for me. Not even Gamester 81 could salvage that recording he did.

    I felt the reason why I didn't like Vintage out of the two was due to my training in neuro-linguist programming and he speaks like someone trying to mind control an individual. The hard enunciating for each word is a prime example of neuro-linguist programming. It is like when I hear a grown woman sounding like a child. I am aware of why that voice is the way it is and it creeps me out with my knowledge on how a voice is formed.

    #5 That was a lot of text. Also, make sure to play your vidja game before the Next Round Podcast starts. I finished Journey Of The Light and I have a ton of things to say about it. In short, it's so bad, it was taken off Steam for not being a finished game.

  5. I got Sanctum 2 and played it with Swingle, good times, It would be off course awesome if you get me and Kaiser the game. I say lets wait for the sale and make it happen

    Alot of Fantasy themed games had awesome boxart (Swords and Serpents, Wizards and Warriors) but the game wasnt that great, but Deadly Towers is the worst offender. Its boxart is actually pretty sweet and the game just sucks

    I also gonna restart Fallout 1. I played it years ago got into it. Also played Fallout 2 and got further. Gonna play it again too.

  6. Im happy that MST3K is returning. I hope it will be good. I gotta check out Rifftracks. So in a way they never got away. I watched the show the most when I was in college. Havent watched all episodes, but I had a pal who was a total Misty and he recommended great episodes for sure.

  7. I remember when we tried to enter Dhalamars server. Man it seems forever ago. I remember how laggy it was. Yeah it should be easier to play a game like this in multiplayer.