Monday, November 9, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #148 - Tiger in the Stars

The new Star Trek series and movie, more about the Steam App, Super Cyborg and much more! This week on TCR!

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page.


  1. It is awesome you got to hook up your computer to a TV. I have have an HDMI cable and I have it set up to autoswitch to the TV when I plug it in. The TV is next to the bed and I agree, Big Picture is really fun from there. I got a USB extension cord and plugged it into that thing that gives you multiple USB outputs. Got a mouse, Gamepad, and my old headset (the speaker is shot, but the earphone part is still working). I also sometimes use my keyboard too, altough I wanna get one sepperately for the TV rig (either wireless or a wire one, depending on what I can afford). Even tough my TV is small, the convienience of watching Netflix and gaming is awesome enough. I hate "typing" with the gamepad myself too. Super Cyborg is awesome, I played it with Tomcat X and it was fun. Hopefully we can give it a shot one day. Lol, I watched a couple of episodes of Enterprise, but I had also some problems with the show. I have been watching the Star Trek shows on Netflix. My opinion is pretty much the same, as when I was a kid: TNG is gold, and I remembered almost every episode, DS9 starts getting good once the Dominion enters, and Voyager has a good setup, but the cast is very stiff (It does get better once 7of9 becomes a cast regular). I am curious to see if I will enjoy Enterprise now, but I doubt it. I also hated the lame intro music. The orchestreal music was timeless, that song dates the show so hardcore, sigh. Yeah I dont know how my bro did it either, but he didnt play it through, but did get very far. He did play through many other games like Battle of Olympus and Mega Man 1-4. I think the C64 was not as popular in the US as it was in Europe. The old breadbox was most peoples first video game, especsially in eastern europe. I am jelous you got to play Wizardry 1 to 3 as my cousin was mostly about racing games, where a I enjoyed more the sci fi and fantasy games. I dont remember that he had a proper RPG, and there there were many for the system, including Wizardry I think. Also didnt you say once that you had Police Quest 1? I think that was the first Adventure game I saw when I was really little, on my neighbours Schneider CPC (it was a weird german variant on the Amstrad CPC) and I was fascinated by it. I actually found info about a game I remember from a family friend had. I will elaborate on it on a future video, so I dont want to spoil the suprise. As a kid I was jelous that the US got Contra and we got Probotector (I only knew because I saw it at a american friends house, didnt even got to play, but I wanted to so bad). It sometimes sucks because sometimes there are games you would have loved if you got to play them at the time they were released. Do you got any games like that other then the C64. Also yeah the Microlite20 days were fun for sure. Ill end my rambling now, lol. Thanks for doing these man, cheers!

  2. Man I remember when you had to sold your D&D collection. You are right, but there are also more who play, or have played nerd type games like tabletop RPG's, board games etc. Its just I think there is still somewhat of a social stigma, especially when you are at work. The internet is great for that man. I have found many facebook groups where people schedule RPG's to be played online (over google hangout, skype etc) or also meet to game irl. I know you are busy with serious buisness, but if you got the time we could do a D&D one shot or something.