Monday, November 30, 2015

Tiger Claw Radio #151 - Just in Time

Even with family coming in from out of town for thanksgiving, I still got this weeks TCR to press. Just barely.

Download the mp3 from the podomatic page

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  1. Gonna answer the comments of the two chucklefucks :P :
    @Kaiser you know its true Kaisi ;).
    @Swingle CF was an Uberbro and got me Sanctum 1 so we can play it.

    Now we got that out of the way, just wanted to say that I am sad I was unable to join the last DMS event or the TCR recording, as I got a cold and had fever. Hope I can join in the next event.

    By the way when it comes to boxart (and what loremaster Swingle said), have you ever bought a game (PC or console) based on the boxart and description and was disapointed by it? Me and bro had some pocket money back in the ninetees and we were deciding between two new games. It was between "Dragon Lore 2" and "Diablo". We got Dragon Lore 2 because we were woried our mom would not aprove of a game with the devil on the cover, lol. Dragon Lore 2 was kind of a let down. It had cool prerendered graphics for the time and was a fantasy themed action adventure, but I got stuck in the woods, or the second CD failed to load. I got the first one on GOG, but yeah Diablo would of been cooler. Got that one a few years later, but having a new copy of that. Yeah video game magazines were great back then to avoid these kind of situations, and thanks for the internet today. But yeah back then the boxart and description was all we had. Great episode as usual man!