Thursday, November 15, 2012

MRGR Radio Episode 23

Welcome to this week's episode of MRGR Radio. A video game music podcast produced by Michael Smith of Michael's Retro Game Reviews.

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Here is the track listing for this weeks Podcast

Track 01 - Harvest Moon - Star Night Festival
Track 02 - Mega Man 4 - Intro and Title Screen
Track 03 - Dizzy 2 - Intro Music
Mic Break
Track 04 - Animaniacs - Intro Stage
Track 05 - Animaniacs - Password Screen
Track 06 - Animaniacs - Anvilania
Track 07 - Animaniacs - Try to take over the world!
Mic Break
Track 08 - Ninja Warriors - Arcade Title Music
Track 09 - Ninja Warrors - Title Music
Mic Break
Track 10 - Blade Runner - In Game Music
Track 11 - Power Rangers - Main Theme
Track 12 - Rampage - In Game Music
Track 13 - Power Rangers - Ending


  1. Dizzy had cool music (I played the C64 and the DOS version, the C64 one had great music). I think I prefer the Amstrad Ninja Warriors Theme. I played the Super Nintendo Version and it was pretty sweet, I got to the last boss, but got stuck there. Id like to request the "Castle Gates" theme from Golden Axe 2.

  2. Also I love how you used the Gauntlet II screen. Gauntlet always had nice screens.

  3. i will be happy to spin your request in the next episode ;). i knew you would love the Gauntlet theme title card. it's amazing the differences in games on dos, c64 and amstrad and the quality and sound of the music is so different. i imagine why i like the music on amstrad games is i grew up playing games on that system.