Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tiger Claw Radio #110

Halloween, Hurricane Sandy, Java programming, and static issues. This week on TCR.

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  1. Thanks for the previous shoutouts also for "TheNextRound". I remember watching your TCTV and somehow found your Podcast, and that really introduced me to the idea of podcasts. Soon I would know the Catcast, MRGR Radio, Shin & Bos and of course the Mondocoolcast and love them all for all the different ways of talking about nerdy things on the internet. You inspired me to make my own the Beastcast, and Im about to hit 30 Episodes with that.

    Youtube allready alienated many from the scene most notebly the entire TGWTG crew and Spoony who do theyre show for years exclusevly on Blip. As you said before Blip is in many ways friendlier and better for the Video Game Reviewing scene, but the only way to build a community with it is if you have an allready succsessfull site going.

    TheNextRound is Michaels, Yours and my combined effort to have a site where we can continue to do what we do. Jerry´s Mondocool has also been great and is helping many Content Producers to get there show out. The others of the roup are also finding there online groups so to speak. Instead of rambling on I want to say its a good idea to be prepaired, because I could see Youtube doing something to pull the plug for many in the Video Game Reviewing scene. I think its good to spread youirself on the net like a discusting festering plauge thatway people wont forget you ;).

    Im one of the guys that likes to put up content rather for my friends and myself, not to make money. I wouldnt be talking about old obscure video games and comics if I wanted to make money. I rather just focus on making good podcasts, reviews, letsplays etc then try to chase the zeitgeist. Im not opposed to it but I am fine for where I am for the time being.

    Im happy you and youre family are okay after that storm. Also that boxed Empire game sounds cool I think I saw it on talking about Miami Hotline, Its one of the most brutal games I played. It looks like what if Vice city was made in the style of GTA 1 or 2 but in enclosed levels. The different ways you can kill people is pretty crazy and yeah the story is pretty insane too. My only gripe is that the Steam version is buggy as fuck, and it took me long before I figured out what to do to make it work. Its the Steamworks (Achievments, tracking) taht were the problem not the game itself which apperantl works fine (talking about th GOG version, havent read any conserns yet). I got Vegas to work again so who knows? Maybe there will be a Review in the future.

    I really dig the idea of you making a character generator on Java. Tell me if I can help in any way. What game are you thinking for making one? Microlite20? Rifts? :D just kidding about that, lol.

    Kaiser I made a Port comparison for all computer versions of Castlevania which included the DOS port. (Shameless Plug Powers activate)

    Anyway may you forever avoid the cornocopia of male genitals

    Gamingbeast OUT!