Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaming Beast plays Robocop VS Terminator (Part 1)

Lets play some Robocop VS Terminator!


  1. awesome part 1 looking forward to part 2. what's strange is i watch robocop last night and man that film still holds up. i never played this game but i will fire it up on the emulator sometime unless i see it in the wild cheap.

  2. I think it isnt that rare, shouldnt be too expensive but check it on an emulator if you like it. Robocop is a timeless movie, I love. I like Robocop 2 alot too, even tough alot of people hate. I dont get why. Maybe the social critique is less strong and its more of a straight up sci-fi action flick, but even then its great. Cain first beats Robocop through trickery then phyisicly in his cyberform. "Robocain" is one of the best Go-Motion Effects Ive seen and one of the most badass Robotic characters in cinema history.