Monday, November 26, 2012

Beastcast 30 - Arrow aint that Bad?! WHAAT?!

Talking about the "Arrow" TV series. Its actually quite watchable, but I got still some issues with it. Download and links after the bump.

-Watch Arrow here (Sadly works only in the US :( )

Download the Episode here.

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  1. Awesome podcast as usual. I agree on all your points about arrow apart from the super power thing. i thing it would look bad to bring in characters that could be more powerful then green arrow and might undermine him. YES! :D it would be cool to have an older batman giving arrow advice. the royal flush gang was a let down :( they could of kept the gang true to the comic style with out going into super deep dark a real. i have one last issue with arrow, characters change and you cant unchanged them unless you reboot them. but having oliver queen trying to be a party animal and then being the super serious doesn't work for me. that island changed him in so many way's and he should not be able or even want to to try and be his old self. i know he does it as a cover up for as action but couldn't he find a better way of doing that?