Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beastcast 29 - Hallow-Beast Special 2012

Talking about my favorite scary movies, video-games and roleplaying games. Also talking about how Lucasfilm got sold to Disney. Downloads and info after the bump!

-Buy "Amnesia the Dark Descent" on Steam here.

-Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney

Download the Episode here.


  1. another great podcast. i was in nerd rage when i first herd about Disney buying out lucasfilm. but after a while i throught well they cant do any worse then what George Lucas has done with episode 1 to 3 and at least with Disney they will get other people to work write and direct them films. and i think that's way the original trilogy was amazing because you have 3 different directors and dude to limitations in technology and budget it keeped that fucker George Lucas creatively in check. with a bigger budget he just went way over the top. and the end fight in ep 3 was so over the top :( the end fight in ep 6 with luke and daft was so much better done. again great podcast and it didn't matter to me it was a day after halloween it was still creepy :O in a good way.

  2. Thanks again Michael, Im happy it was entertaining. Yes the new Trilogy plus the constant tinkering on the old saga was tainting the great saga which is Star Wars. Fresh ideas and fresh people will help the franchise hopefully reach new heights again. Irwin Kerschner was great because he was conserned about the plot and the characters not the special effects, thats why Empire is still my favorite. Not only was the CGI it was that nobody could tell Lucas differently, he wouldnt listen to others after the original trilogy was such a success. Im looking into the future and am hopefull for Star Wars for the first time in years. And we get a brand new Star Wars movie in 3 years which I never thought would happen! Its exiting time to live in. Star Wars will yet again compete with Star Wars, awesome!