Monday, July 24, 2017

Beastcast 63 - Hey Guys life sucks...

Yeah its a new Beastcast. My life sucks and such. Swingle eat your heart out.

Download the Episode here. (Right Click Save Target As.)


  1. #FUDarabka I now claim my second Beast Point.

    Seriously man, all my pression went away after a cleanse. Your gut controls your mind, not the other way around.

    1. Sure here is your #Beastpoint! ;)
      I have been thinking about that cleanse thing. We can talk about that in private. Thank you tough broski!

  2. Downloading this for my return to commuting next week. Hang in there bro!

  3. I can't believe this BeastCast flew under my radar, I am slipping. I am upset to hear about your hard times. I would suggest maybe taking a couple of months off from any alcohol and caffeine, get outside in nature more, go for a run or just chill at a park, try and "get outside of your head". Your friend who ditched you sounds like a real faggot, fuck that guy. There are plenty of people who care about you and would be very upset if you were gone, I am talking about Life is Strange levels of feels, the kind of sadness when a favorite fast food item is discontinued, like when you found out Topher Grace was playing Venom.

    The world is a very punishing and unfair place, that is why it is fun to make podcasts and goof around to take some of that pressure off. You never know man in 6 months you could be getting a hummer from a hot blonde German girl on the autobahn. Just keep doing things that use to make you happy, lay off of the sauce, and try to "get out of your head". If you die you'll miss and Swingle's wedding invite. Swingle has been saving his asshole just for that night.

    Love you bro.

  4. Me and Swingle are selling our wedding night DVD and I need to turn a profit, basically. ;)

  5. Wrapping up the BeastCast now, I recorded a podcast in Japan yesterday and as long as the mp3 makes it across a trillion miles of enemy territory then I should have the latest DASS up in a week or two, and I'll post it to The Next Round, the reason I haven't posted to TNR is simply because I haven't been happy with the quality of my content, it is nothing personal or anything against you guys. I am bizarre.

    I would LOVE a Beast Fail Bag, writing in to podcasts is my mother fucking jam!