Monday, July 17, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #193 - Sunshine and Air Combat


  1. Oh man, I wasn't expecting The RoastMaster General Jeff Ross to show up and read my comment, sweet jimminy christmas. Look I won't try and defend Life is Tumbrl to you, I myself can't explain that one, however I was drinking an awful lot of soy milk the week that I played it, and you should also know that I plan on picking up Life is Strange 2 next month, I just hope I remember to wear waterproof eyeliner this time, because last time I totes got eyeliner all over my Dashboard Confessional shirt.

    Killer Instinct is fun and since you enjoy fighting games, I feel like you should throw at least 3 hours at the new one before completely ruling it out. If you have Windows 10 on a PC then I can jump on my XBOX for cross play and we can wrassle it out. I will make you humble. <3

    I dunno man, I like the games that I like…………

    The recent Wolfenstein's, Doom, and The Master Chief Collection are all on my radar for when they are 10 dollars in a plastic circle format. I’ll even pause and give you time to talk smack about The Master Chief Collection. ;)

    Question Of The Week To The Audience - Games You Grew Up With: I have multiple grey chest hairs at this point, I wish Skyrim was the game I grew up with lol. Anytime someone who is 5 years younger or more than me starts to talk about anything, my blood starts to boil, I feel your feels man.


  2. Some great moments:

    "My skills arent on trial here!", Burgerrider FOREVER!!!

    "Is goo track, listen with your ear satellites!"- Critical Failure

    Don't worry Skrim is not a game I grew up with. For me it was alot of NES and C64/Amiga games, when I was a wee lad. When it comes to the John Ray of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) I think my journey (atleast in video game form, since I played the John Ray in pen and paper form) started with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and Secret of Mana. FFMQ is pretty much hated, but as a kid it was a great introduction to turn based RPG's. I knew about games like Might and Magic, from seeing a boxed version on a friends shelf. I was interested, but we never played it. I also remember me and my bro in the game store choosing between Diablo and Dragon Lore 2. His thing was that our mom would NEVER allow a game with basically Satan on it. Dragon Lore 2 looked great for the time, but it was a prerendered mess for the most part. Still I slogged away at it, but it crashed when it asked for the second CD. Ive been playing the first one, but that hasnt aged well honestly. Still it is a product of its time, and I would like to replay DL2 for nostalgia reasons once GOG releases it. I wanna finish it dammit!

    I know how you feel with that age thing man. I remember when the NES and C64 was new. Hell I remember playing Frogger and Space Invader on a friends PC (I think it was a Spektrum or a BBC Micro) when I was really little, and thought this was the coolest thing. I remember hearing the voice clip from Impossible Mission and was amazed. This hobby has changed alot. Maybe that is why I have been sticking to older games.

    I think Ill always like FPS games. At times I just need a brake or a pallet cleanser.

    I always enjoyed your Morrowind vids. That was my game in College back in 2004. I really should make that video of my character that I wanted to do.

    Here is the question of the Beast:
    ("The wall" is my term for when you get stuck in a game, because of difficulty of a boss, riddle, or a bad feature, or something else. It makes you stop the game, permanently or temporarly.)
    What are games where you hit the "wall" and have given up on, but would like to maybe get back on? Which games are the ones you can't go back too.

    PS: Have a great vacation broski!