Monday, July 17, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #193 - Sunshine and Air Combat

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  1. Oh man, I wasn't expecting The RoastMaster General Jeff Ross to show up and read my comment, sweet jimminy christmas. Look I won't try and defend Life is Tumbrl to you, I myself can't explain that one, however I was drinking an awful lot of soy milk the week that I played it, and you should also know that I plan on picking up Life is Strange 2 next month, I just hope I remember to wear waterproof eyeliner this time, because last time I totes got eyeliner all over my Dashboard Confessional shirt.

    Killer Instinct is fun and since you enjoy fighting games, I feel like you should throw at least 3 hours at the new one before completely ruling it out. If you have Windows 10 on a PC then I can jump on my XBOX for cross play and we can wrassle it out. I will make you humble. <3

    I dunno man, I like the games that I like…………

    The recent Wolfenstein's, Doom, and The Master Chief Collection are all on my radar for when they are 10 dollars in a plastic circle format. I’ll even pause and give you time to talk smack about The Master Chief Collection. ;)

    Question Of The Week To The Audience - Games You Grew Up With: I have multiple grey chest hairs at this point, I wish Skyrim was the game I grew up with lol. Anytime someone who is 5 years younger or more than me starts to talk about anything, my blood starts to boil, I feel your feels man.