Monday, July 3, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #191 - Summer Rosen

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  1. I think I have real issues going back to games with tank controls. Like I tried playing Postal 1 again, and it just was clunky as shit. How is the Redux version? I had similar issues with Alone in the Dark 2. I played through 1 as a kid and loved, and the retro-GAYMOR wants to play through atleast the original trilogy, but what ruins AoitD 2 are the awkward camera angles. Nocturne was my favorite in the classic fixed angle survival horror games for me. Too bad they never got make that sequel. I dont want to be a graphic snobs that only plays the latest games. I love old games, but yeah there are many that havent aged that well. I will still give most a chance.

    Racing games are not so much my thing, never has been. My cousins were obsessed with them. I mean the more realistic simulation ones. If I am gonna play one, its gotta be more arcadey and have something with it, like Carmageddon.

    I may get something from the Steam Summer sale, but I am kind of meh. I got so many games to play, I dont feel the need to add more. Sure alot are bundlefodder, I will at best try dislike and forget, but there are still hundreds of games I want to play. Right now I am still able to put serious time in games.

    I would love to play Steam games over the app on my phone. Like it shoulde be a thing by now. I got a Moga game pad, and have been enjoying it from time to time to play emulators. Playing some of the newer retro style games would be cool to have on the go.

    If we get the chance we should play the Metal Slug games again online. Those seemed to work well, and they have achievements and trading cards now.

    Question of the Beast:
    Are there games that are hard or impossible to emulate that havent been released on GOG, that you would love to have? Mine would be Conquest Earth, a RTS game that was released in 1998, the year of the RTS. It was ambitious but got lost in the flood of RTS games and the success of Starcraft. I actually was think which one to get Conquest Earth or StarCraft. I guess I bet on the wrong horse. Still loved it tough. The Myth RTT series is another one and Dark Earth. Anyeay catch you on the flip side!

    PS: BTW I love Michale Rosen the living meme! NOICE!