Monday, July 10, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #192 - Party Edition

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  1. *holds up sword*


    I liked the first 3 seasons of Family Guy a lot back in 2003 when Adult Swim ran them every night. Since the show has returned from cancellation, I enjoyed the new episodes up until a point certain point, but now it is just a platform for Seth MacFarlne to be a liberal douche. It's not cute anymore.

    I triggered Critical Failure so hard with that first person shooter comment that I thought he was going to reenact The Rock vs Mick Foley "I Quit Match" using a Quake big box on my head instead of a steel chair.

    What do I play you ask? Just this year I played Dark Souls III, Rocket League, Life is Strange, Killer Instinct and Bully, all of those games were 4 to 5 star masterpieces that I put in 25 to 100 hours in per game, and highly recommend all of those titles to anyone who enjoys lots of funs and magical adventures.

    Last-gen I did play Haze which was pretty weak, I also played Duke Nukem Forever and while I loved the humor, I never even finished the game, I did play The Orange Box and thoroughly enjoyed Half Life 2, so I will give you that one.

    This gen I played a demo for Overwatch and since I am not a fake gamer girl, couldn't get in to it, and I played the demo for Battlefield 1 which I thought was pretty cool but still not worth a purchase.

    First person shooter campaigns all feel the same and playing online as a man in my late 50's, will only end up in tragedy.

    Once you have lived through the Golden Eye Wars, every other shooter is just a baby's toy. ;)