Monday, April 25, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #166 - Point

This is episode 166. Enjoy Chiptunes, some heart to heart from my on sight analyst, and vancast times two.

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  1. I thought, I'd write in a non video game related question this episode. I know you are pretty busy with work and family, but at the end of the day when you are in your recliner with your robe, fez, and corncob pipe, what are some of your favorite Netflix shows and/or some of your favorite TV series from back when TV was still a thing.

  2. Yeah we should hang some time. Thanks for the kind words bro, always good to hear. Ill reinstall Saints Row the Third so we can play. Yeah getting lost can be frustrating in FPS games. People being dicks in online games sucks but its the law of the net. I have been on a brake myself with content producing because of that mentioned rl stuff, but Ill be back with some new stuff soon.

    You say you havent played through a JRPG? If you had fun with it then thats good. RPG's take forever to beat, and they can get really repetitive. Yeah both J and W RPGs can be pretty grindy, they are in many ways the same, there are some stylistic differences and differences in character creation and plot advancement. FF 8 control takes some getting use to but I enjoy the system so far. The story and characters are pretty anime style character, but sofar it has been good. I do however agree with you FF4-7 are far superior, no questions asked. But sofar atleast its been fun.

    Question of the week:

    What is your most hated game in your steam collection and why?

    Keep up the good work man! DICKS!!! ;)

  3. For ultra douche baggery, I time stamped all my comments at the moment I thought about them on the podcast. Can also potentially help with getting immersed on my thought process if you so desire learning about such an enigma.

    Minute 19:35 - The topic was best console though you probably meant best 'Retro Era' console for RPGs. In particular, when you used Chrono Trigger counting as being a game on the PS1. Here is my initial rebuttal: By those standards, the Wii with it's eShop got all da consoles beat, since you can emulate all the older consoles with the Wii.

    For my unrequested opinion on the subjective tale of people not being critical with their analysis on each console: It has been said to death, but should be reiterated that every game can be given the title of RPG since you play an objective based role. The term RPG was coined by D&D, so I posit it is best to refer to RPGs as a game that follows that formula or else every game is an RPG by usage of the English language. That means Turn Based, Level Up system with an option to customize equipment for stat bonuses.

    The PS1 has the SNES beat in both quantity and quality. Robotrek (which barely qualifies as turn based) and Uncharted Waters 2 (again stretching the limit of what an RPG is) are about the only games that are turn base that I feel are worth playing again. I gave all 3 Final Fantasy games a shot with a 4 hour time limit of what I had to play before declaring they suck or not and was mostly bored. Without the self imposed limitation I put, about 9 RPGs on the SNES are good for a one time experience.

    Meanwhile on the PS1, there are many games such as Jade Cocoon, Front Mission 3, The Legend Of Dragoon, Chrono Cross, FF8 & 9, Wild Arms 1 and 2, Azure Dreams. I'm only listing titles originally released for the PS1 with that selection of turn based games I like on the PS1. Pretty much as soon as research is done to see all the available titles there are for both consoles, I don't see a valid reason to suggest anything other than the PS1 if 32 bit and before count as retro era. PS2 still is reigning champ after that.

    21:26 - This was about the complaints you've heard from people negatively commenting on Final Fantasy 8: Yes, the one sided characters who stuck by their guns and didn't get swayed into emo garbage like FF7 and FF9 did. Like a true fallacy, I submit the fanboys who hated FF8 for having one sided characters never played past disc 2. And even that isn't true with characters such as Irvine and Zell. The game wasn't about brooding and making 'grey' choices, also known as making selfish decisions.

    Since I beat the game, I can assure you CF, the only things that were odd about the game was the pointless level up system that punished players for grinding and the almost 'pointless' side story with Laguna and friends with an ending that escalated fast for no coherent reason. It went from stopping a sorceress from destroying a competing army to the entire dimension being eaten by a Cthulhu style monster. A DIMENSION! Not just the planet. I say pointless for Laguna due to the moments being dream sequences that the characters suddenly have during down time and gave the characters inside information on how to solve their current problem. And it loosely describes how 'the orphanage' was built to avoid true spoilers.


    1. 25:00 - When you were talking about games you own for the Game Boy. I had two games for the Game Boy. Ninja Boy and Dragon Warrior Monsters. Good times.

      34:45 - My comment for your Counter Strike teammates. The pro-ist of strats is to trick the bomb carrier into going a different spot so the enemy team gets full access in lighting you up. Works every time.

      46:30 - This was about End Process commands for .exe files that aren't accessible with alt+f4: XP still does the kill switch. Makes me sad ever since they decided users were too dumb to know if they want a task to end when they want to, as if they can never learn about the OS they are using and make educated plans. Makes it even more infuriating to learn about the modern Window OS since that delay in questioning the user's reason to end a program can't be removed and can jeopardize the system if a virus is currently working while you try to end it as quickly as possible.

  4. Swingle has never been out performed in a comment section, the guy is a legend.