Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio 165 - Max Damage

Join me on TCR for this short discussion on two new chiptunes fresh from the charts, revenge, driving, and being awesome.

Download the episode from podomatic.


  1. 1. First

    2. I have nothing else to add at this moment. Haven't even listened yet.

  2. Uno!

    Mis bolas son muy irritada. Oh Dios, haz que se detenga.

    Al igual que El Swingal, no he escuchado el espectáculo todavía.

  3. Here. Tetris.

    Two runs, second one is the good one. Ended up with 58032.

    Wish more people would actually enter these things, but long as you keep doing em'. I'll keep participating in em'.

  4. Hey man, its cool that you can see the silver lining in things. Once you get Windows 7 you will be back in buisness. I wrote a comment to the last podcast. I also will post my highscore for the two last games here, I just have been kinda down and not up for alot of stuff. I definitely want this to continue. Just been dealing with some real life stuff. Your podcast is awesome man, the first I ever heard and still love it!

    Here is my question of the week:

    What are the biggest pet peeves you have with different gaming genres? Like what do you hate the most about FPS, Adventure, RPG etc games?

    Keep on truckin man!