Monday, April 4, 2016

Tiger Claw Radio #164 - Revenge Week

Making it happen again on Tiger Claw Radio! Join us for revenge week!


  1. The fact that there is no comment yet on The Next Round is really bothering me, CF favorite Smash Bros character, Street Fighter character, and Mortal Kombat character, GO!

  2. Marsh, Chun-Li from SFIII, Sub-zero (but it depends on the version).

  3. I know the comment is super late, I had a lot on my plate broski, you know how it is.

    While you are right that I usually prefer Western RPG's, I have grown to enjoy more of the Spiky Hair Emo Quest games, especsially on the Snes. Still story wise Adventure games tend to be better and you get the same or better level of story and puzzles, with much less timeinvestment needed for sure. My anger towards the JRPG genre has changed, there is really good ones out there, but there are alot, and I mean ALOT of crappy games, or simply games where I cant get into the visual themes. That is especsially true of JRPG's of today. I do however prefer Western RPG's, but I still enjoy some really good JRPG's even when I am playing Emo Hero number 3456! I am playing Earthbound and FF8 at the moment and both have good and bad things about them. Earthbound is just most often a boring grind, with a unique and charming setting, I just wished the combat would be on the level of FF6 or something.

    I can understand that you could not get into RPG's that much as its a genre where the games take a LOOONG as time to beat.

    There is nothing wrong with liking the FPS genre. I love them too, its one of the best Action based genres out there.

    I would love to play the original Rise of the Triad (or the remake) over Multiplayer, lets make it happen.

    Those watch mojo doucheshnazzles can go fuck themselves. Im alos pro Fair Use, but I am also pro giving credit where credit is due.

    Every time I hear you say cinnamon now, I think of Flemmings horse, good times.

    Great show man!