Friday, April 8, 2016

Rambling Pro Gamers 8 - The Waaagh On Dakka

In this recording, I discuss why I'm not apart of Down With D&D anymore, the latest Bundle Report as of April 6th, and all the changes made between the Dawn Of War games with plot summaries for each game.

Songs included:

It's Catching Up by No Means No
40 Seconds by EverSoAndroid

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1 comment:

  1. Down with D&D lost a great radio master and audio play actor in you man, Lord Master Thespian Swingle! ;)

    The good thing is that we will get more of RPG podcast!

    Im kind of burned out on bundles, but I do appretiate you telling me about them, because you find the good deals. I will try out Warhammer Quest and see if it quench my Hero Quest thirst!

    War Truks is first to the fight! Good review of Dawn of War. Gotta take a crack at that mission I got stuck on Winter Assault.

    Captain Freebooter? I like it. Sounds like a great insult. Commando Spukums? Fuckin lol!

    Great episode man, for the WAAAAGHH!!!