Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tiger Claw Radio #121 - Bold Words

This episode is up a little early to make sure it actually makes it out. A new baby is due in my family on Tuesday. Enjoy some talk about Steam games, TTT, bundles, Civilization III, and some bold bold words.

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  1. An awesome episode and so soon to the next one! Loved the Zappa song! Zappa was my introduction to metal and "I am the slime" is a great satirical song about dumb consumerism and such. He could really sell great music with a message and be hilarious at the same time.

  2. Also that Oyua developer woman seemed like a total phoney and deserved to be called out. Winamp is still my choice of listening to music and always will be, even if it would have gone down. I even went back using the classic skin, its very nostalgic to me. Early internet days were cool. I bought some bundles, but not each one, its getting to a point where I have atleast one or more games on the bundle list. Still its an incentive to make more indie games (to fill future bundles so to speak), which is a good thing (altough hopefully GOOD indie games). the Irem game pack was cool, since it has some sweet arcade classics that have been mostly forgotten. I need to play TTT more, I really like the social\roleplaying element of the game. It really shows the power of Garrys Mod, and what can be done with it. Anytime I think of counterstrike dudes arguing about who done it and random player killing on a minecraft level, Ill think that game. Even tough I suck at it I enjoyed playing and even watching it. Im happy you are getting some gaming done in your busy scedule. The castle doctrine looks very interesting. It looks like this years "Zafehouse Diaries" or "Postmortem: one must die", because of its uniqueness and true innovation. After putting in some hours, would you recommend it to me?