Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dreamweb Review (DOS)

For the first episode of 2014 were going were no one has gone before, the Dreamweb. But what is Creative Reality's Dreamweb all about? Well you can find out about this game in the newest episode of Michael's Retro Game Reviews.

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  1. Great review man. I startet playing it but Ill get the version with the voice acting. This top down perspective is interesting and has been as you said mostly used for RPG's and strategy games, but I remember the first two GTA games having it too. The music is definetly good. I started playing it when I saw that you are going to Review it but I got stuck at using the computer. I assumed you would need a manual, or in this case the main characters diary. 4 hours is quite short for an oldschool point and click adventure, but it might be an awesome 4 hours. Thanks for making such great reviews man, it really helps me choose the games I want to play. Ill definetly play this one through, just like I have no mouth but I must scream. Keep up the good work! :)