Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rambling Pro Gamer 01 - Introduction To Sick Cast

Welcome Challenger to the Rambling Pro Gamer Podcast, here on The Next Round! Here be my first recording on the sick day known as February 18, 2014. For me at least.

In this recording I ramble to you about the layout of the podcast, some things on my mind related to an RPG community called the RPG Brigade, da video game bundles, Olympics, Retrospective vs. Interspective gaming, and the purpose of using the internet to communicate with others.

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1 comment:

  1. I think Zafehouse Diaries is more about retrospective, since its about the unique story that you created. But yeah I agre introspective games are more fun. Like Skyrim is all about the fun in the moment. It depends on the game I play. Like battling Alduin in Skyrim in Solstheim (basicly Valhalla). It was not that hard of a bossfight but it was a epic experience. Great podcast man. Also love the idea of an RPG of robbing a WII-U, lol. Can't wait for more episodes.