Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thank you GamingBeast, things are about to get interesting...

To Those Whom it Mat Concern:
That would be the Gaming Beast, thank you for the invite and lovely welcome my friend!

As Lucifer's Lawyer, I (you) am your (mine) humble (bwbahhahawhwhwhwhahaha) servant.

My purpose is to argue for the unargued, go where others dare not, conquer the Earth, get debates started, create chaos, and generally start shit. If you feel like you're own the wrong side of moral normalcy, then you need a well worded and though out defense of yourself. If so, then my services (your soul) are at your (belongs) command (to me).

Oh...quick word to the wise,
When Gaming Beast get drunk he looks and acts like this...

Please encourage him to drink as much, and as often as is highly entertaining.
And slightly dangerous.

1 comment:

  1. Fraggin Right I am like that when Im drunk, lol. Good to have you man.