Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tiger Claw Radio #115 - Allied Writing Camp

Episode 115 of Tiger Claw Radio is here! In this episode, the music of 22 Jacks and Frank Zappa. Also: Video Game Collecting. How much is too much?

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  1. Beast Article of the week ;)
    It’s awesome you are making games again. I think when it comes to games I buy them to play them, but ever since GOG, STEAM and Bundles came around I more games that will keep me busy. I’ve got 293 Games on Steam alone, many of them Bundle Indie games I haven’t played yet. I do want to at least try ever gaming out and giving it a good play unless it’s horrible (like Lugaro HD). My GOG Games are all old games I had way back or wanted but couldn’t get, and many I have played, finished or played a lot. The GOG Games are games I want to play through, the Steam games not so much. I will give them a try and if it’s a good game I will try to finish it (if it is possible to finish it, talking online shooters, MMOs, arcade style shooters etc.) but I decided I wouldn’t force it.
    Also I can’t run some games, because my laptop sucks, or I could run it but it doesn’t run because of a glitch or other reason. So the actual number of games I can play is a little smaller. Still I got a bunch of games, more than enough and many I want to finish. I started writing down games I finished and I want to extend that list. I recently played and finished home and it was a great game to get in a mumble. Refreshingly different game. I can only recommend it (PS: you’ll need you’re gamepad). So back to the collection issue, I have only a few physical games. I agree with you on the whole reason to buy logic, do you want to just collect or just buy or a little bit of both. The older we get the less time we have for a hobby. I’m not even married but my job is cutting my game time and most of the time now days I rather watch some Netflix then play a game, since I’m too tired a lot of the times.
    We need to play some AOC, my laptop overheated last time we tried, sorry about that. Fixed the problem so we should be good to go. Also played some Shadow Warrior over the weekend can’t wait to play it on Saturday with vintage. I found the link for the Shadow Warrior Source Mod check it out
    Big Blocky Pixel style games can be hit and miss for me, it depends if the game itself is good. Hero aka Hero Core is a little fun freeware game. It has very simple black and white very blocky graphics, reminding me of the ZX Spectrum or Atari. But it looks cool and is a slick Metroidvania style shoot em up.
    You can get Sims 2 stuff digitally at Gamefly which was Direct2Drive, although it sucks and there DRM and such. Still its digital.
    The CD version of Arena has voice acting and better music. My favorite version is from an abbandonware site where it installs faster and runs better. Ill send the link if you are interested. Fast Travel is here to stay and it has its place, I agree. Arena is OK, but definitely dated, still it all started here and the game has some interesting history to it. It’s something I should talk about. Its sad younger gamers only think Oblivion and Skyrim when they think Elder Scrolls. Daggerfall is a fun game, but it has many problems. Still it grew on me, and I enjoyed finishing it. Arena I have yet to finish. Those games really depend on how you make your character. Also the starter Dungeon can be very unforgiving if you don’t know where you need to go. You can get easily lost in the Daggerfall Dungeons, but I won’t get into that now.

    Anyway that’s all, May the Deathmug of Doom be with you, and Rock that Son of a Bitch like an Ancient Chine Secret!