Friday, January 18, 2013

Episode 114 - Romantic Lowrider Saloon

Featuring Toxic and Pigpen from the TCPub. Hear the story of Magfest XI! Enjoy episode 114 of Tiger Claw Radio!

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  1. Listen to this for the second time. Love the episode. I love that MST3K Theme song cover. Need to check out that band. Used to love Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I am old enough to have watched the original Space Ghost (also the original Birdmen etc) when it aired on the Cartoon Network WAAAY back. The War Z debacle sounds horrible, that company did a Huge Scam. I think if anybody should make a Standalone DayZ game it should be the same devs. That the original dev almost stopped because of War Z, is sad, good thing he didnt retire. People who like the game and support it, need to seriosly consider playing a different game. Ripp offs of games come and go and some can be better then original but most will be forgotten.

    Cant say anything about Skyrim but I played all other Elder Scrolls games exept the mobile game ones. I actually like traveling in Morrowind and Oblivion altough I do use their Fast Travel Options. In Daggerfall its a must because the world is twice the size of great britain and the land between towns and dungeons is actually just barren generated wasteland mostly. Still it is crazy they could pull off such huge worlds like that. In Arena you could travel to all countries in Tamriel, that will be possible again in Elder Scrolls Online. Dont know about that one yet. Arena and Daggerfall have been Freeware for a while now. Im still thinking of doing a How to play Daggerfall vid since I did play it through (the the last level which plays in another dimension [no it isnt Oblivion, its the Astral Plane or something like that] is confusing as fuck, and I needed to use a walkthrough to finish it). Battlespire was an interesting spin off since it was alot like Daggerfall but it had multiplayer and was one big dungeon with no shops or towns. It was supposed to be an expansion to Daggerfall. And old Youtuber called Boiler Plate mad vids of it but he hasnt been on YT for years.

    Alpha Centaury I read about when It came out and I might buy the game. GOG has been good for us Retrogamers for years now. I had GOG before I had Steam, good times indeed.

    I love Age of Chivalry, I dont know if Chivalry was developed by the same russian dudes. Im up for Age of Chivalry. I got the game from Enji, I need to give him something back, which I will. Ive got over 80 hours in the game, and I still like playing it. TKing in AOC is common you need to watch out or find a server where Freindly fire is turned off.

    Its awesome that you will contribute to Gamesters Website, rock on! Im going to install Shadow Warrior tonight so we can rock this bitch like an ancient chinese secret.

    Great episode keep up the good work man! and "You suckers don't know" ;)