Sunday, January 13, 2013

Far Cry: Violence in Video Games

Anyone mildly attuned to the events of the world, knows about New Town. However, I operate under the assumption that most people are idiots, so a quick reminder is in order. On December 14th, a man walked into an elementary school with a gun and killed twenty six people; including twenty children. In the aftermath of another tragedy, our society is left with many questions. There are three main questions to be addressed first: 1.)gun control, 2.)mental health, 3.) violence in media.

Banning the Assault Weapon
I expressed my feelings on this subject in the aftermath of Aurora. (the Dark Knight Rises shooting) Succinctly said, my opinion is that we should ban AR's. A fuller version of that opinion can be found in Case File 01 @

Dealing With Sociopaths & The Moral Dilemma of Killing Killers
Case File 02 was also written after Aurora, because I was afraid that we would start to see the emergence of "Jokers". Sadly, I was right. The dozen or so mass killings that followed, are indicative of a very bad trend; people killing for no real reason. Going forward, a discussion about how to handle people like this is sorely needed

The Blame Game
In their official response to New Town, the NRA but out a statement blaming violent video games & movies; specifically listing: the films American Psycho & Natural Born Killers, while including games like Grand Theft Auto, Bullet Storm, & Mortal Kombat.

First of all, why are all of their targets 15-30 years old? Can't they at least pick current media? No they can't, because they're not trying to answer the question. They are only looking to deflect blame from their product. The best way for them to do that is dig up old targets, targets that their older audience is afraid of.

Since they're not going to deal with the real issue, I will...

You're Not Going to Like This
Violence in media does play a role in this mess, so do not think that you gamers are getting off scotch free. Studies, life, and general common sense tells us that video games are not triggers for such atrocities. Sorry NRA, your boogeyman doesn't exist. Where electronic media does have a negative influence is in much subtler ways.

Uncomfortably Numb
Bit by bit, our society is growing more accustomed to seeing violence. Ultimately, that leads us to be more comfortable with violence. After a while, doing violence seems a lot easier. When we have RomZocComs, perhaps it's time we evaluate what concepts we want to familiarize Ourselves with, numbing our reactions to the world.

A Violent Man's Warning
I am a man of violence; I believe in it and advocate for it. Violence is conflict, and conflict advances the world; struggle breeds strength. Bear in mind that not all violence is physical: there is emotional, psychological, spiritual, and cognitive violence. But, physical violence is the default and absent minded violence tends to be physical in nature. I believe in violence, but I actively work toward my goals using it. I am mindful of it, unlike society; which is stumbling toward it like a zombie, oblivious to the consequences.

That is a terrible thing. I want a world full of monsters, but mindful monsters, not hollow zombies. Be wary of becoming numb to violence. I advocate for it because I have a concept of the consequences; I'm not blind to how the world changes me as I Try to change it. The games you play change society is subtle but large ways, over time.

Play whatever you want, but be mindful.

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  1. Intruiging as usual LL. I think the media can influence us, but it also mirrors the soceity since the media that is created and that is succesfull is what the people want. When the economy is in the shits then we get grand escapism ala Star Wars. If the world is doing fine it was stories that challenge our view or just are darker and more pessimistic. Its something that almost all existed. Violent Media does makes us somewhat more num to Violence, but most of the time we can differenciate between reality and fiction. People who go on these Murder Sprees are doing it because they literly dont care on a level that we cannot comprehend. Marylin Manson said in an interview after Columbine (his music was acused as being an instigator) why arent the asking the kids how they feel? Maybe if people would care about how these people felt and given them proper psychological treatment, it oculd have been avoided. Censorship wont change anything I agree, the NRA is just is protecting their backers. Banning Assoult Rifles and high capacity magazines is a WAY overdue step that needs to be done, but I would also advocate counselors helping children and people who seem to need it. People need to start caring more.