Monday, June 25, 2018

Tiger Claw Radio #240 - Party Time!

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  1. It was really cool that you read through all my comments in 1 episode. I like to listen to podcasts in bulk as you know.

    Ill figure out how to do Alpha Centauri PBEM nowdays, would be great. Im currently playing the expansion "Alien Crossfire". I wish I could send you some hours of my time for you to game. I wish some of those tech advances in AC would work in real life and we could slow down our time in a room for example.

    That story of Dr Feelsgoodman was amazing, Im sure he used his ice powers to cool the freezer when it broke down, or heal an injured coworker with his healing powers, making the boss happy because he could save some bucks. That little story made my day, lol.

    We should one day meet up somewhere in the US. Right now it is a pipedream for me, but Im not giving up on it, It is just a question of time. It would be awesome to check out a arcade and play the 2 to 4 player Beatemups, play some D&D, or some boardgames. Either way, just hanging might be cool too. Things change with time.

    Story of the Beast:
    I was in the "Deutsches Museum" in Munich again. We went there on class trips when I was a kid on many occasion. It is a science/technology museum and its pretty cool. They also had a n area for computers, and I saw those massive calculating machines from the 60s. What was cool that they had a section with old computers and consoles from the early days of gaming. Like Atari/C64 to Snes/Genesis and some choice games. It was cool too see them, but it also made me feel old. I remember most of these consoles and computers when they were new, now they are part of history. Ill post the pictures sometime in the future, maybe on a Beastcast.

    Anyway keep on truckin broski!