Saturday, June 30, 2018

Back To The Podcast Episode 3 - There Can Be Only One

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Welcome Back, Back To The Podcast.

Show Notes

00:00:00 History Of This Podcast

00:04:30 Cinema 2018 April to May.Avengers infinity war, Deadpool 2, Solo

00:17:53 Thundercats 2011 & Thundercats Roar

00:27:10 My Experiences Of 4k Blu Ray

00:41:14 Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon

00:43:32 Voltron

00:45:17 Ready Player One

00:47:40 Violet Evergarden

00:52:50 Highlander Orginal & Remake/Reboot

Title Card by - The Gaming Beast

ThunderCats 2011 Interview about season 2


  1. Im really hyped to listed to this. I still need to watch some of these beforehand so I dont get spoiled.

    1. Apart from the new avengers film, this podcast is spoiler free!!!

  2. It pleases me greatly to see another one of these. Now all we need is a 5 minute audio-drama of you having a snuggle fight with your dog. I love those.

  3. I enjoyed Infinity War too. Im curious to see what the second part is gonna be like. I haven't seen Deadpool 2, but I think it will be okay. Josh Brolin as Cable looks great. It has become the Josh Brolin Superhero year, since he was Thanos and Cable.

    I am not suprised Solo bombed, altough I havent seen it, I have heard some info and also saw the Trailer. I decided not to go to the Theater for it. I feel the people that are making the Star Wars movies are ruining the franchise, but that is just me. Last Jedi was bad. I will still watch it on Stream or Bluray one day and will then say my thoughts about it.

    Highlander is still awesome, but yeah pretty much all the sequels are varying degrees of bad, especially Highlander 2 and 5 the Source. I did like the series since it ignored the sequels and continued after the first film. 4 had potential to be the best sequel, but there were some serious flaws. I hear there is a directors cut for 2 and 4 where they are better, but I haven't seem them yet. 5 is basically utter trash, with the worst ending which was supposed to finish the immortals game finally, but in the most dumbest way possible. Watching the first movie and maybe Is the best, and I would recommend that to people who haven't seen any yet. There is also a Anime movie, which I hear was actually good. I can totally see Highlander as an Anime myself. I agree with you on how to build up the Highlander reboot. Make a good standalone movie with the potential for a sequel, but the Gathering only happens in the last one, with the final battle between the last two immortal warriors. I would start the first movie with the first immortal (Maybe Methos in ancient Mesopotamia, or a new first one in the stone age?) and have a multi generational tale of a handfull of immortals battling in various eras, finishing in the age of enlightenment. The second one, should go from there to the modern age and the third one to a final near future post apocalyptic age, where the final battle takes place. Connor wins and uses the gift to restore humanity, and become mortal, the end.

    The podcast was great, and it is awesome that you made one again. I hope to hear more in the future! I hope you are doing well broski!

    PS:Remember, there can be only one! :)