Monday, August 14, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #196 - MAGFest Ticketing Disaster

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  1. *TCR 195*

    During my recent trip to LukeMorse1 Land, I saw some Super Famicoms but they were insanely priced, perhaps it was the long reach of PeteDorr or because that particular area was geared towards "adult" weebs with round eyes and double-XL button down Frieza t-shirts. Photo evidence down below.

    The idea of getting in to the Super Famicom has never really occurred to me and I should probably fire up some roms to expand my horizons. The one video game purchase I made was a cheap 1200 yen game just as a souvenir called Psycho Pass, I bought it on the XBOX One in order to troll the entire country, however it appears to be 100% in Japanese and as fate would have it one of those story book type games. I might just spam the A button while I'm doing other things around the home, to see if I can beat it.

    I get more amusement out of Swingle hating Dark Souls than I ever did out of actually playing the game. There is something that went on between those two.....

    *TCR 196*

    Question: Sonic Mania is now out, any hype for it?