Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #194 - Returning Again

This weeks TCR! Back from vacation. Thanks so much!

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  1. That was a cool wall story for sure. I agree there is usually always someone who tismed their way through a game, where you could not get further.

    How dare you say Street Fighter 2 Turbo is just okay? ;) Just kiddin, It is still my favorite Street Fighter game, but more for nostalgia. I haven't played any of the newest ones yet, but would like too. I think voice chat should be there, so long as you can turn it off, lol.

    I know you dig Wizardry alot, and I have been playing alot of Might and Magic 6. Really got into it. I think it is a good entry point for oldschool Dungeon crawlers. I wanna give the Wizardry games another go, and I think Ill start with 5 or 6 (the first Sir Tech ones). Sir Tech also made the Northland trilogy RPG games based on the german RPG "The Dark Eye", that I talked about. And I enjoyed those, and finished the 3rd and first one. It is interesting how many players got used to handholding in games. Like it was nonexistent back in the day. You figured it out ,read the manual or you didnt play it. Im happy tough these days for good tutorials. Anyway I was curious to hear how far you got in Wizardry 5, and what your thoughts are on the game. You probably talked about it, but I would still be curious.

    Im happy that Screwfly made Zafehouse Diaries 2. I got all their games exept that one. I found Fear Effect interesting, but the controls are a bit gimmicky and not as intuitive. Deadnaut was cool too, I gotta play that one more. I do like all of those have simple but cool way of making custom characters. If you want a game that plays a bit like Zafehouse try Daily Chtonicle. I probably told you about this, but I really enjoyed it myself. I honestly hope they make more games like this in different settings.

    Question for the Failbag:
    What DOS game would you recommend people who didn't grew up with them? I would probably say Jazz JAckrabbit, Halloween Harry, or Duke Nukem 1 and 2.