Monday, August 21, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #197 - Famiwait

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  1. Even suggesting the idea that I might be Canadian was worse than when Sgt. Slaughter turned his back on America to become an Iraqi sympathizer.

    I currently reside in Biscuitgravy, South Carolina with in these United States, these colors don't run! I drove up to D.C., then took a small Launchpad McQuack plane up to Canada, spit on their soil, and then took a Canadian plane to Japan, I was surprised that they had planes too. I am home safe and sound, although I did catch a bad case of yellow fever on my trip.

    Yeah I'd grab a sandwich with you, that would be pretty cool. I've been up to D.C. a couple of times before and I could always alert you if I return. I am a pretty normal guy with zero murders on my record.

    I haven't played DOOM 2 in a bit, but I have DOOM 1 on my XBOX One VIA BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY, that I bought and played a few months back, it still rules.