Monday, June 5, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #187 - Buyers Remorse Incoming

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  1. Im doing some ketchup on some of the gloriousness that is TCR. Been busy with shit, and its always enjoyable to know that TCR is regular again!

    Im so happy for the discord server, since I can timestamp when you recorded this TCR, since I was kneedeep in Galactic Battlegrounds and chatting with Swingle. That "will carbon for food" is something we came up as I had to sell carbon (wood) in Age of Star Wars (GB) to get food in a level where resources were scarce. Im so happy you read that out loud. Its like the new TBU.

    As for your comments on FPS games trying to be all TF2 with classes ("champions"), It is just as shit as grinding for better guns, abilities etc. FPS games are becoming more and more like MMO's or MOBAs with micro transaction bullshit. Back in the day, you would have to know where the best gear was on a level, and in the end it was only your skill that won the match. Now you can dual akimbo, with a ninja ability with two pink pokedotted shotguns, and yell like a full spectrum warrior "NOOB!" or whatever the latest thing is kids these days yell into their mikes as they play overwatch and record their latest commentary or trolling video......

    Anyway, after this mini rant, I agree totally with you. I will try to get a UT99 game going, a elegant game from a more civilized age.

    PS: I will post in the last TCR's, that I havent yet just so you know.

    Question of the week:
    Would you be up for playing some Jedi Knight Academy with the mod "Movie Battles 2"? Basically its a well made mod where you can play battles from the movies with the specific characters. I would be up for it, since I have been on a Star Wars kick for some time now.

    May the Schwarz be with you!