Monday, June 26, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio 190 - Steam Summer Sale Special

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  1. I have posted the comments on Youtube, TNR and the TCR website. I commented on 188, and will post a short one on 189, other than that I think that is all. I feel a bit bad, I dont want to make your work harder, Ill be on the up on and up with comments broski.

    I myself have not got anything from the Steam sale yet, nor have I got anything from the GOG sale other then Fantasy General, since I am low on money at the moment. Honestly nothing really tickled my fancy either but I agree the new Doom looks cool, and I would like to get it for sure.

    Question of the now:
    Is there a John Ray (genre :)) of GAYmes you just cant play anymore (either for time, or loss of interest) that you used to like alot back in the day?