Monday, June 12, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #188 - Gog Sale is Here

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  1. Sin was a fun FPS back in the day that was fun in multiplayer. Its a bit dated now, but still fun. I do agree tough that it is weird they haven't got it working on Galaxy yet.

    I would love to be/listen to a new Monstercast, the first one was legendary!

    I used to love to get CD's in magazines with game demos and the occasional freeware game. I found all sorts of cool stuff there. A good chunk of my gaming was playing demos, and it was a great time. Blast Chamber, Worms 1 and ZPC were my favorite demos for sure!

    Question of the day: You regret not discovering an old game, or playing a game when it was new?

    Keep on truckin broski!