Monday, April 24, 2017

Tiger Claw Radio #181 - The Discontinued Edition

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  1. Great episode broski! And thank you for the kind words man.

    I think plug and plays are just a cheap cash in, but may be okay for kids or for more casual fans, as you said. Nintendo needs to drop the gimmicks and just make a good console, altough I have heard the new Zelda is pretty neat. Altough it just seems like Elder Scrolls light with Link in it. Like you I am more and more a PC exclusive fanboy. The only consoles I would/want to buy are older ones, the newer ones seem just like shitty PC's to me. Also more and more console only games are getting PC ports, so there doesn't seem to be a good reason to get into consoles at this moment.

    A Jill of the Jungle style game would be sweet, and I think doable too.

    I also have enjoyed your webcomic, that one about the way Youtube changed is gold. Im gonna read the rest too. I do remember you mentioning it.

    Question of the week:
    Which Apogee/old school Dos plattformer would you recommend me?

    Im rooting for you too, hope your wife gets well soon man!